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    China is Pushing!!

    Joe and his family are owned by China. He's going to let them do whatever they want to Taiwan. If he's awake when it happens.
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    Biden takes office on Wednesday and Newsom lifts stay at home order on Monday

    The secretary of state and the California democratic party are saying that the recall was started by far right wing groups and white supremist. I guess all the restaurant, salon and gym owners and workers are white supremist? These are some of the many groups that are behind the petitions.
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    Biden takes office on Wednesday and Newsom lifts stay at home order on Monday

    They said they are going to change the way covid is cases are counted. If someone test positive most states will count all positive test for that person that come in. Some test positive 4 times before getting a negative test. Thats 4 positives for one person. Its a democratic scam. One of the...
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    Biden destroys women’s sports

    I think it sucks that this has even become a thing. This was not a possibility 10 years ago. It does suck for girls trying to get scholarships to college but how about the 80% that are just trying to complete in a girls sport in high school and having to go against a man? Its fn disgusting and...
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    Speaking of recalls. The California democratic party and secretary of state are claiming the Gavin Newsom recall are headed up by far right wing groups and white supremist. White supremist will now be the new Russia, Russia, Russia talking point.
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    Rocky!! Good Bye LA

    Some Chinese buyer will come in and pay cash. Its been happening all over California. Its called diversity
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    Impeachment Manager. WTF!!

    And Nadler schifft his pants wait a second so did shitwell. I think there is a pattern here?
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    Like Minded

    Your a complete d You prove every post here your douchebaggery. You claim to be a republican and have values but everything you post is the opposite. You my friend are a clown.
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    Arizona GOP censures Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake, Doug Ducey..........narrowly reelects Kelli Ward

    The democrats in the republican party? Finally. McCain was always a pile. Turned on his party every chance he got but pretended to be a republican and used his pow status to gain sympathy. And Flake well he's a fn flake loser.
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    Like Minded

    You nailed this one. Especially the common sense part. 1/2 the country has lost ALL common sense.
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    Letter From Pitton to AZ Legislature

    No Joe got 80 million votes. Just accept it or your a white supremist.
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    What's the Over/Under on NG Staying?

    That was a pathetic photo op. I watched it live and they were only worried about pictures and putting her in the best lighting. It was a bigger slap in the face then making them sleep in a cold parking structure with a 2 stall bathroom for thousands of Gaurds
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    Trumps upcoming impeachment

    It started happening day 1 of Biden’s administration. I guarantee 30% of the people that voted for him knew they made a huge mistake. In 2 years from now we are going to be in big trouble with all the policies they're changing and making and 90% of these policies 90% of America does not want...
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    Trumps upcoming impeachment

    The media are to blame for all of the problems in America. Most all politicians are complete scum on both sides and the media's job is to keep them in check. For the last 4 years the media has not held on side accountable. That's extremely scary for America