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    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    No just the KKK
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    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    Facts don't matter to him.
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    The new bet for 2021

    He's rarely seen now. When he is he doesn't ask any questions that aren't pre screened. I agree he steps down in just over 2 years or until everything really unravels in the democratic party.
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    LAPD demands Cops near DC riots be interviewed

    Wait a second. So your telling me he kneeled down in front of BLM and they still vandalized his house? That's weird he bows down to them and they still hate him. Alot of the current dems and people that vote for them have it coming they're way next. Right after they destroy all republicans.
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    They are fed talking points and repeat and repeat and repeat. Just turn on any news station. When the local news and the national news have the exact same written stories that run 20 times a day, simple minded people that can't think for themselves tend to repeat the info. I like to question...
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    Why is Nancy freaking out?

    Some dems in congress were saying they want to impeach so he can't run again and also want him to lose all ex president perks such as secret service. This is how hateful and pure idiotic they are. If he gets popped there is no doubt really bad things will happen in this country. Maybe that's the...
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    Newsolini and our gas tax money

    The bill stated the money from the gas tax would only go to road repair and infustrcture unless there is a fiscal emergency... There is always a fiscal emergency in California.
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    Biden hates white people

    I dont need his help. I'll be just fine. They're still gonna hate you Joe. If it is you making any of these decisions.
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    It's Time: Ban The Left!

    Its a sickness look at they're post here. They are not going to acknowledge anything except they're sickness. And as pointed out previously only one knowingly owns a boat. And its a fn sailboat. So why are they here? To disrupt, annoy, provoke and antagonize. They are not here for real...
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    Wood is in trouble...

    If thats true the whole democratic party and half the republican party should be investigated
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    A real coup

    Bingo. Spot on.
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    Another "Meanwhile in Portland" thread

    About time. This is proof that all these governors, mayors and other political leaders at every level were in on this nonsense. They wait till Biden is certified to admit they were wrong. They are starting to eat they're own already.. Hopefully alot more city and state leaders do the same.
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    Media Witch Hunt

    I agree but they don't care about money as because they have it all. They care about they're agenda much more. CNN and MSNBC has been at the bottom of the ratings for 21/2 years and they continued with the agenda. Hopefully some of the reasonable democrats will start to see what is going on...
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    Are We At War?

    They reported 2 protesters with weapons out of 10's of thousands. And from what I read the pipe bombs were not even at the capital. Just some media lies and exaggerations. The couple 100 that went in should be arrested period. The FBI is finally back to work now that the summer of fire bombing...
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    It's Time: Ban The Left!

    It amazes me that everyone here on either side of the political isle are not furious about what twitter and face book and now apple and google are doing? This is not only censorship of Trump it's also censorship of a ton of conservatives people and organizations. The BANNING of Parlor unless...