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    Covid vaccine personal info

    I got it prescribed thru PushHealth. They wouldnt approve the hydroxychloroquin though.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    My best guess this is day 7 with Covid. Other than an occasional dry cough I feel pretty damn good. I made sure the walk laps in the pool every day to get my heart and lungs working. I cant say if the Ivermectin was what kept the virus out of my lungs, but it combined with the drug cocktail my...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    I tested positive last night with an OTC CVS test. Had a headache and cough and low fever. Immediately took ivermectin, zinc, tylenol, mucinex, and vitamins. Woke up this morning and felt pretty good. Doctor got me in and confirmed I have Covid. Prescribed me a Zpak and Fluticasone nasal spray...
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    Labor Day Hotness

    Are the flags available in the store?
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Misters done
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    This weekend

    Spread 5 tons of landscape rock, put up 1/2 of the mister system on the patio and got my youngest sons bike ready for desert season.
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    RIP: 12 US Servicemen were killed today at Kabul Airport

    I just learned of a coworker's son was also one of the marines killed. I cant fathom the heart ache when a parent loses a child. Rest easy young man.
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    So....where can you buy HCQ and Ivermectin

    Push Health filled an Ivermectin scrip for me, but declined to fill the Hydroxychloroquine. The PA said he doesnt see it as an effective treatment.
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    870 modified choke barrel

    Yes. Never used it. I'm in Havasu. A 30 pack of CL and its yours.
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    Winter digs in Havasu with RV

    Took these pics of Prospectors as I drove by about 30 ago. Havasu Hills Rv Park is the new place e at the entrance to the Refuge. Might try that?
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    RIP Cary Liera / Slow In Havasu

    Damn. RIP Carey.
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    If your not vaccinated, your fired

    I see this as an easy way for businesses to cull their vested employees who are at higher pay scales and replace them with new vax'd employee starting at the bottom of the pay scale.
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    Last day....thank you RDP!

    Congrats Rick. I'm pulling the plug in December. Been some great times since class 125 with Dave.
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    Wmc & Wendi's new home build

    Desert Storm completed ours a couple months ago. He did as promised but hes no conversationalist.
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    Hualapai Lodge

    Enjoy. It's a hidden gem. Never had a bad meal, drinks are good, and the Elk wandering around make it a unique place.