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    Fender problem

    The last set of tandem fenders I had chrome plated in California were $750. After buying and having them plated I’m not sure it was any cheaper than stainless.
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    Boat Hoarding

    Is the Schiada you were building a couple years ago done?
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    anyone got one of these???

    I’m interested in how they solve the Bimini problem.
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    Cannon Ball

    Looks like your brother has a racing problem👍👍
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    Mountain Bikes

    Bobby Woods owns Studio Cycle Company, he knows his shit and can get you Big Bang for your buck wether that be new or used and delivers. 310 925-6446
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    Reggie Fountain - King of Offshore

    Watching the 38 Fountain smoke everybody in Factory 2 in the 90’s made me a fan of the boat. A friend who raced a lot of different v bottoms drove the boat for a season said it was the best handling v bottom he ever raced and told us how much help they got from the factory which made me a fan...
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    Whips, Chains, Ropes & Anchors!

    I have never used a better anchor than a box anchor and I’ve used many different anchors.
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    Cool NHL Story last night

    I just saw on the news that he donated his paycheck to a North Carolina kidney foundation. Hockey players are the some of the coolest athletes out there.
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    Winter Project ?

    Somebody who needs their head examined maybe.
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    WTF Amazon?

    The streaming services will resemble current cable and satellite services when somebody starts bundling them. Of course you get the added benefit of watching what you want when you want but the dvr kind of allows that too. Cost of streaming services are likely to rise so I don’t expect them to...
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    Supercross 2020!

    Last nights racing was the best I’ve seen in years, SX is delivering big time this season.
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    The movie "The Call of the Wild"

    My wife worked on it as well and mentioned something about screens falling from a crane in the wind. Were those yours?
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    Awesome town, USA - School me

    Everything you’re looking for is in SCV, also if you ride dirt bikes there are amazing single track trails, tracks and desert are not that far away. Mammoth is under four hours and the beach is about an hour. I know people think Castaic Lake sucks but if you’re looking to float and swim with the...
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    Your first boat.....

    1977 Cole TR2, bought it in 86 at 19 and started racing it at 21. For years raced the 9 second bracket and used it on off weekends as a ski boat. Put on a bug catcher and switched to alcohol to run the 8 second bracket which ended using it as a ski boat. Sold it to a guy from Ohio who said he...
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    So what you drive does matter

    She must of had a van experience.