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    Took it July 13th. Doc is saying hopefully I will be okay in six months.
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    Would love to but I am currently completely fucked up from the COVID shot. I just got back from having an MRI of my brain a couple of hours ago. I had to reschedule Shock Therapy for December, but I am not sure if that is even going to happen unless I suddenly start feeling a lot better. I will...
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    I like the P365, but I would need to buy one in California since I would use it for CCW there. Since I am no longer an active LEO I have to comply with the asinine roster. If I find a lightly used one for sale someday I would jump on it. Until then, the P938 will have to back up the G19.
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    Weight is the only real big difference between the two unless you appendix carry and worry about slide length. If I am going to carry a small (relatively) capacity 9mm that is small it will be my Sig. It's less than an inch in width and the grip length is smaller than the G43 and it's 8+1...
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    The height of the G43 and the G19 are the same, and height / grip length are usually what matters when trying to conceal a firearm. Width is only slightly larger on the G19 which is the second thing that matters but less so than grip length IMO. My primary carry is a G19 MOS and my secondary...
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    Time for new TV.

    Bought a Samsung QLED and returned it an got an LG OLED. I was always a Samsung guy for TV's, but the OLED is much better than the QLED IMO. Not sure on current prices between the two though.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Thanks. Hopefully you feel better as well...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    For sure. It's been a hell of a ride, I would just like to get back to my normal life at some point.
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    AR15 almost lost in a boating accident…

    The magazine is a 5.56. Honestly the entire rifle looks like a bunch of parts thrown together with zero thought to function. Look how high the scope is mounted and the buttstock is from a carbine. You would have your chin on the stock instead of your cheek trying to shoot the POS.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    I know a decent amount of people that have had COVID, and it seems to effect people differently. I know some that have not been very healthy that survived it fairly easily and others that were healthy that got their asses kicked. I recently had a blood test that showed my kidneys were not...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Almost 10 weeks out from my first Pfizer shot and I am still fucked up. My blurred vision is about 90% resolved, but I am still having issues with movement. My eyes / brain can't seem to focus quickly enough if I am moving or if an object I am looking at is moving. This also includes movement on...
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    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    The blue and white X3 looks bitchen, but those two little vents on the windshield are not going to do shit for airflow. I left a gap all the way across below our windshield and it still gets hot inside the car unless it's cool out.
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    Powder coater in San Diego area

    They have done a bunch of stuff for me over the years. They are in San Marcos. https://electrotechcoatings.com/
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    Whats up with Ford

    We were finally given a build date for the Suburban we ordered months ago. It will now be a 22 instead of a 21 and will be built mid October. It should be at the dealer late October to Early November. We could have taken delivery of a lower model earlier, but the luxury package we ordered was...
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    Newsom's Recall

    I am just stating facts. My wife even agrees that chicks voting is a bad idea. Obviously this is a blanket statement and does not apply to all females, but the numbers don't lie. When your information comes from watching The View and Real Houswives, you are probably not going to be the most...