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    Sonic or In n Out

    Gotta disagree... Blake's used to be the gold standard in NM. Original owner sold out and now they kinda suck. Stale buns,small beef patties,&brown lettuce.. a shadow of what they were in the 60's &70's.
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    Sonic or In n Out

    The Whataburger's here in Nuevo Mejico can be ordered with Hatch green chili. They're actually pretty good that way...
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    I need a drink

    Turnpike Troubadour's are the shit... Love everything they do. "The funeral" is epic.
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    USC and UCLA fans…uh oh

    They might want to be careful. The Texas network collapsed.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell arrested , hope "she doesnt hang herself"

    Met her a couple times in New Mexico at the infamous Zorro ranch. The bad energy emanating from that woman was incredible. Pure evil.
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    Drinks for those not yet “Day Drinkers”……

    Before White Claw.... Commercials were great Product not so much.
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    Pikes peak is coming up this weekend...

    X2... Back in the 70's we'd go every year. Drive up to Devils playground.&watch. Pikes Peak was a very big deal in racing back in the day...
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    Alexi is retiring / Boostpower USA

    DCB seems to be soldering on sans Dave. Same with Eliminator...
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    UFC fights tonight.

    Shevchenko's one of my favorite fighters either gender. Her Muay Thai skills are insane...
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    Bagged Ferraris…

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    Great Job AGAIN Cali

    "I'm reeeally tired of the anti-California negativity"- RDP member SkidMarc
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    Isle of Man TT

    This picture kinda says it all... TT legend Joey Larson relaxing with a cigarette while perched a top a gas can. Fearless men.
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    Top Gun Maverick

    Vin saw it as well...
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    Grads could use some thoughts and prayers. 😉

    X50... Some people need to get a life. (OP)
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    Top Gun Maverick

    Open Forum...last time checked.