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    Tow Boat U.S. vs Sea Tow

    I bought my Boat US membership at West Marine I don't Remember if there was a discount
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    Pool opinion needed - cost to replaster, mod jacuzzi

    I had a spa like that on my pool in Havasu I cut the wall out between the pool and spa and just made it a swim up sitting area. I bought a Jacuzzi to put up on the patio which work out great because I have a great Lakeview when sitting in the Jacuzzi now
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    [SOLD] sold

    Try This Guy he's in Inglewood He bought 1 of mine LA Truck 310 570-0404
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    Barstow Del Taco vs the rest of the Del Tacos

    Went Monday to Lenwood
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    Nasty ass flip flop heel splitting, anybody else?

    I get this from walking around barefoot on the concrete pool deck & the tile in the house it sucks the moisture out of your feet I bought a pair of moccasins to wear around the house & it helps
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    Channel to remain closed thru memorial

    The Cabana boat guy has to be pissed
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    Quarantine Beer Fridge

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    5oclocksomewhere Powell houseboat trip

    Thank you so much for this thread we just did June 25 through July 1 and had a blast stayed in rock Creek Bay. We were close enough to dangling Rope marina to get gas and do a lot of exploring with the ski boat and waverunners