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    Here it comes folks – Biden’s Gun Grab…

    kinda like you have chickens a well trained watchdog and a 10 foot metal fence around your property, havent lost a chicken in ten years tear down fence get rid of dog and the first night half your chicken are gone, and your wondering what could have happened. This asshole puppet and his handlers...
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    Long shot here, boat help needed

    did the shifter boot on my 22 formula, not to bad a job but you want to have a lot of tools repair manuel ( could check u-tube vids) and a place that will lend or rent some specialty tools if needed ,alignment en such best know what it entails before you tackle it.
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    Jan 6th staged?

    Oh yeah REGOR just wait till he finnishes his Russian investigation on Trump, Oh Wait I may have missed something!
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    Solar lease question

    we did solar about 4 years ago about 28 panels cost around 32 k and gov tax rebate was 30%, sounds like they got hosed on lease, dont recall details but we thought lease was poor deal at time.
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    Boat cover - towing with it???

    Towed Dragboat a lot of miles when we raced covered air scoop fitted cover, put plastic bag taped over dist and caps on exhaust and prop cover, never had any luck towing with full covers have seen tunneau cvrs that worked well towing with full covers usually resulted in more damage than open...
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    Looking for a small breed puppy

    Cockapoo is a great small dog gets to about 16- 19 pounds love people very smart dont shed much not hyper at all, Ive had two, last one was Rudy, got to about 16 and had to put him to sleep broke my heart he was my buddy allways made me smile smart as a whip and loved to see you and hang out...
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    Libs en hypochrondriacs will be wearin them for life
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    Your Opinion?Thoughts?

    He is and always was an arrogant not to bright crooked politican, So yeah he thinks hes everyones hero the only people stupider than him are the boozos who actully voted for and support him.
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    Boat/Ride Question

    had a 223 formula and now 29 fountain both deep vee the 29 will hit hard on Folsom when you get the washboard wakes as long as you can run straight or or at a small angle into or with waves they will run pretty smooth, when you get the washing machine wakes they hit the hull at all different...
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    Joe Biden’s Son is a Drug Dealer

    Regor, thats nothing compared to what the libs have found out on Don Jr, The latest is really outrageing to the left they claim to have evidence that THE GUY LIKES PUSSY, they got him now! SAYS ROD EN RYEBABY!
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    Alright, school me...V-drives...

    first v-drive flat was a hallet very similar to this only had center deck, very nice rideing heavy layup boat mine had a 396 chevy i think it was a 325 hp with a 350 hp hydraluic cam single four barrel and bassett over transom dry header fixed cavitation plate boat had the name Sundog with a...
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    Being an old school White guy I seem to be totally out of touch with the how the old guy words are preceived today, for years I have been refering to the idiot Libs as a bunch of CSers now I find out that instead of an insult, most of the Libs regard it as a high compliment so hard to keep up...
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    I just came!

    Wait! is this a contest to see just how far the Dems can go to elect the dumbest most useless idiot to a political post, Gonna be hard to beat your current crew Pres Pedo, Cameltoe , Maxzine, Piglosi, Shiftless just to name a few, But you may have a real contender here.
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    annoying threadcapper

    Years ago in Mad magazine they had this line on being Smart, What makes you Smart is it becuase you think your smart, naw everybody thinks their smart, Its when other people say, he looks smart, and throw rocks. Just for the record my own opinion is people who are actually smart dont have to...
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    Duramax cow piss

    Hell Racey, in Commiefornia Iam sure there are laws about which hand you use to wipe your ass and how many sheets you use, unless your homeless then just letter fly anywhere anytime