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    Havasu Floating Penthouse’s

    They say there’s lots of them at antelope point on the bottom. But it’s 500 feet deep.
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    Recommendation for safe

    https://rhinosafe.com/ These are awesome and have different grades. Made in Idaho
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    What the hell is happening with fuel prices in Calif?

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    Eliminator Speedster sink at the regatta today?

    Boat didn’t sink. It was just a weird picture as it was taking off. They was running it all day yesterday.
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    Fine day in the Rockies

    Way too many liberals in Durango these days. Last weekend was pride festival. It’s a shame what is happening to Colorado mountain towns.
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    I sense a promotion in her future.

    Most cops have this attitude , they just don’t say it out loud. I have tried to file a complaint but nothing happened for a cop driving reckless. They are all in bed together. It’s why general public is saying fuck the cops.
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    Venessa Bryant civil suit

    Outrageous. It happens all over this country. Taxpayers get fucked and lawyers get rich.
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    Bank loans - Housing Market

    Not sure where you get your figures,but Colorado didn’t have a above normal winter. I live here and it sucked except for a couple storms. Up north has had a few late storms that has helped Powell some. Just look at all Colorado reservoirs. Half full at best and already dropping.
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    Scary thought

    Fuck liberals
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    2022 Stock Market

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    It’s starting guys …

    Housing is going to be hammered.
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    2023 recession?

    Interesting data on “housing shortage” Smart guy. All government created and started under Trump. It’s going to be interesting.
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    Lake Powell is rising

    Flew to Denver on Friday. Snowpack is terrible. What was there is brown from all the wind and dust blowing. Government can’t even run accurate snotels.
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    School me on 450R’s….

    Your boat came with 400s first. Brad had Dcb repower it with 450s. They added the tab then. Lots of shaft’s breaking.
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    Detached Garage Costs in the desert.

    60 foot higher-power main door.