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    New Hallett 255

    Hell yeah Andy. Badass and timeless boat for sure.
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    The journey of our Hallett 270T

    You gotta love the teak and holly floors......
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    The journey of our Hallett 270T

    Update. Just finished service and detail getting ready for the season. Long overdue is new wheels. Just picked up these new racelines and they really changed the attitude and look while sitting. I love them!!! The old wheel's had the wrong offsett and stuck out past the fenders...
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    Damn it!

    I bet he’s pissed cause he told his buddy that he has an “in” with you. Figured he’d get his friend the ‘buddy deal’ and quoted his friend 500. Then when you hit him with 1400, he shit his pants real quick and got pissed. Cause he knew he fucked up.
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    BEST Place to find a V-Drive

    I have a flatbottom for sale. It's a 1966 Wickens Whirlwind with a blown FE390. Split case casale. I'm asking 8500 or best offer. It needs some love, but it runs and is fun. Gets lots of 👍
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    RDP AO Coolers just came in

    I've avoided buying them, mainly due to all the leaking stories. But I got two last year and haven't had a single issue. Now that I typed this, I hope karma doesn't kick me in the nuts.
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    Is this a good idea?

    I would shy away from renting it out. Just the thought of a strangers ass cheeks hitting my throne and dropping a deuce. Then their turds steaming away in my black tank.....
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    well I'm Sorry to make Everyone Confused Im just Trying Make friends here

    No need to apologize Chris. Keep posting. We've followed each other on Instagram for awhile now. I really like your posts. Stay positive my friend. Hopefully I'll see you at the river.
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    Fiberglass and Gel Repair- Take a look !!!

    Before and after.
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    Fiberglass and Gel Repair- Take a look !!!

    Just picked up my little Hallett 18 Mini Cruiser today. They absolutely killed it. Steve and crew did a great job. I went with simple colors and one pin stripe. Had a lot of wood and floor repair and glass work. Then they filled a ton of holes, and completely capped it. They also sprayed...
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    Before... and eventually after....

    damn that looks good.
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    Before... and eventually after....

    Hell yeah. Looking good Bryan.
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    New boat 22 Vaughn

    Damn Mike. That boat is GORGEOUS!!
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    Before... and eventually after....

    Took this in October when I brought out my flat. I will say, @BigRedBryan 's Rouse is flat nasty. And Loud. LOL Thanks for the boating content, Bryan!!!!!!
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    Detailer in Vegas needed

    Just Detailing by JD. He is out of Boulder City. (702) 420-6506