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    Sunrise in Albuquerque. Thank god it still does.

    Yup! That was J5. Was a super fun track. Had one big hill that if you crested it a bit too fast it was a looooong flight down. There are some pretty cool trails back in there for sure. There are also a bunch of bicycle only trails back there.
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    Sunrise in Albuquerque. Thank god it still does.

    Are you talking about J5 motocross right off 550? That was a fun track. I wish it wasn't closed/gone.
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    Lakes to visit...

    Im headed up to flathead lake this summer. Excited, the pics look amazing.
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    Sunrise in Albuquerque. Thank god it still does.

    Albuquerque gets a lot of bad press, but I love it here (well, Bosque Farms/Los Lunas). Our Gov is killing the state, and the rise in homeless pop over the last few years is crazy. BUT, I like the weather. The NM food cant be beat. I like the lack of traffic (I don't spend much time in...
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    Devastating news

    Been thinkin about your nephew/family a lot the last couple days. Hoping for the best for you guys. :-)
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    Devastating news

    My thoughts are with you and your family. I always have such a hard time comprehending how stuff like this happens to such good, young people.
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    Sad day my 07 f250 died

    Replace the EGR cooler. Backflush or replace the oil cooler, unless your ECT/EOT deltas are less than 15*. I'd bet the HG's are ok. I've seen many 6.0's with crap tons of miles that aren't bulletproofed. It all comes down to maintenance and awareness. If the oil cooler ain't plugged, the...
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    Tunnel hull owners -

    My small tunnel, one pump in the middle sponson on a switch. On the carrera I have one in each sponson, on a float, with an override switch for each pump.
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    Is there a resident Gear Vendors rep in the house??

    Are you doing this so you can drive faster? Or just to cut down RPM at the same speeds? If you aren't driving any faster, your wheel bearings, driveshaft, etc wont see anything different regarding rotational speed, and everything in front of the GV will spin slower. Even if you are doing it...
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    My boy just gave me a heart attack.

    I was at a hotel a few years ago for a wedding, and we were on the 2nd floor. The balcony was almost hanging over the roof of the 1st floor office area. We were getting ready for the wedding, and there was a knock on the door. All 3 of my boys (6/9/11 at the time) had climbed over the balcony...
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    What's it worth?

    Those RFS motors are bulletproof. I have one, but unfortunately I have zero idea what its worth. I would assume a plated 525 would be pretty desireable though. I really like mine!
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    Havasu Home Of The Whopper.....

    A whopper with green chile and mustard instead of mayo beats Mcdonalds any day of the week. I know, not a huge bragging point, but...
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    Rotopax or Fuelpax

    I have some older 3 gal rotopax and they have held up great and worked great.
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    WTB mini Centurion mod v hull

    I heard it was more like ~10-15 were made. I have one, I know where there is one that's almost a twin to mine. I've seen 4-5 others on the internet, including yours. There was one on scream and fly in 2016 that was all white and had some cool mods done to it, he called it like a TR6 hull or...
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    New Empire / Carrera Boats

    Ive been seeing all the pics youve been posting to insta Mike! The boats are looking great. Im happy to see some more 257's out there!