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    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    This thread needs a hijack. Not that I am a Magic graphics fan, but have you actually seen an Advantage? 90% of them look like somebody puked on it. Gawd awful!
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    US Open 2021

    F'ng Arizonans eff up everything... Bland is for sure the feel good story right now.
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    [WTS] Project Truck and Boat '65 C10 Chevy, Chris Craft Racing Runabout Replica

    Some additions as I keep thinking about it. I wish I had seen the picture of the red example before I re-did the whole deck with mahogany. As is, you could strip all of those pieces off and paint the epoxied deck below it. The hull is incredibly stout. The point is that paint and the deck work...
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    [WTS] Project Truck and Boat '65 C10 Chevy, Chris Craft Racing Runabout Replica

    Long story and lots of associated BS. Wife has had it, wants this stuff gone. 1965 Chevy C10 long bed, I believe a camper special. And a never been in the water, partially completed, partially effed up, Glen-L Monaco. It is a replica of a late 40's Chris Craft Racing Runabout. I'd like to sell...
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    Speaking of what happened threads / life flight in the Landing parking lot last night?

    It's actually $110k. $30K for the ER... Our portion: $200 for the Helicopter and $150 for the ER. Kaiser, and I'm super happy actually.
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    Speaking of what happened threads / life flight in the Landing parking lot last night?

    A few notes on this.... 1) The LZ is a paved open lot adjacent to a dirt boat trailer parking area. The LZ itself is not dirt 2) The SBC Fire Department at the Landing is very small and those on site would be transporting the patient to the LZ 3) Helicopter comes from LHC and they are there...
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    The Californians

    My millennial kids are playing these for me now. It's gone full circle.
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    MTI Fun Run @ Supercatfest West

    PC is fine.
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    That's what I did when I saw this thread...
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    So, I get all of my info here: https://www.cbrfc.noaa.gov/ You can switch between snow, river, and reservoirs. All of the dots in this picture are reservoirs and you can see that they are storing more water above Powell even. I think this is a good strategy if there is low runoff. Gives them...
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    I'll trade straight up for a red 270. Slip included!
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    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    I have a slip at the Landing. I pretty much stick to a max of 10 days. We're typically weekenders, so not usually more than 3 days anyway. This last week it was 6 days, and I had to do a little extra cleaning but not too bad. I do swim around the scum line with a towel and clean it in the water...
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Mini-hijack alert! On the way home from Havasu on the 10 near Cactus City I passed a boat, towed behind a 5th wheel, hauled by a pickup, being towed by a Class 8 tow truck. First for me!
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    Havasu Landing Casino gets the EZ thumbs up :)

    The old Marina hasn't changed. Still have the store and fuel. I have a slip there. I love it. Sadly the new Casino Restaurant is hit and miss. We've been a few times. I'd say 50/50, slightly better odds than BlackJack...
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    C.R.I.T. BW bankruptcy really !!!!

    Havasu Landing Casino has been open since Jan 1.