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    Riley1’s Boulder City Pool Build

    Nice pool. Looks like Del Prado neighborhood? We have a house off of Adams.
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    Spectra Photo's

    Here is my 1976 Spectra 18 from July this last summer.
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    Glamis in the 90’s

    I haven't been to Glamis in quite a few years, long before everyone had a side by side. Back in the days it was quads, three wheelers, some VW powered sand cars, and a few bad ass long travel cars. I heard Boardmanville is closed and you can't go across the railroad tracks anymore. I did go to...
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    Dodge Ecodiesel

    Just get the Hemi! It's actually a pretty good motor.
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    Lake Mead

    We launch out of Callville as well. Last time out we beached out by Gold Butte.
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    19 Ft V Drive Spectra aka Eliminator Formula New purchase 1984

    Wasn't this boat owned by someone on this board? I think it was Froggy IIRC.
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    Advice on Jeep CJ7

    A friend of mine had an 86 CJ7 with inline 6 that he put the Howell fuel injection on to avoid the carb issues and it ran great. He kept wanting more power so eventually I helped him swap in a fuel injected 350 V8 from a Chevy truck. There are so many venders out there you can build darn near...
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    Clean Sweep

    Nice boat.
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    Pulled the trigger in LV

    For that kind of money I don't think you could get much more in the Vegas area. As has been said, the area around there is not the greatest, but not the worst either. The association fees seem high, but that can vary depending on what utilities and services they cover. I've been in the Las Vegas...
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    Which botë

    She Squirts Too!
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    Spectra 18 boat trailer for sale $450

    And one more.
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    Spectra 18 boat trailer for sale $450

    I have more pics on my phone I can text.
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    Spectra 18 boat trailer for sale $450

    I'm selling the original trailer from my Spectra 18, it is a 1976 Roadrunner trailer. It has newer tires and aluminum wheels. The hubs and bearings were replaced in 2012. The lights and wiring were replaced as well. The trailer could use some paint and new bunks. I have a new coupler to install...
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    1976 Spectra 20' Jet

    That is a nice boat! What are the specs on the motor you had built? I have a Spectra 18 with Ford 460 power, also in the Las Vegas area. We are hoping to do another boat trip with ours this next weekend, we took our first trip of the year last weekend.
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    What economy car would you buy?

    Another Mazda vote here. I bought a 1988 Mazda MX-6 for $2,000 thirteen years ago with the intention of driving it until it died. It's still going, with 319,000 miles on it. No clearcoat on the paint back then, so the paint still looks great. Body and interior great too. Bought a 2014 Mazda 6...