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    good morning inmates

    Good morning RDP from Lake Powell. About to leave for a 7 day houseboat trip. Wish us luck!
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    Dove hunting 2021

    It would be cool to do a RDP dove hunt!
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    Havasu Mobile Detail

    Detail Specialties is booked out at least three weeks!
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    Looking at an Audi A4

    In June of 19 I bought my daughter a 2016 Audi A4 lease return with 15,000 miles for 14K with a full warranty from Audi of Beverly Hills. The car now has 35K miles and been flawless. Audi of Beverly Hills sells 400 used cars a month and contrary to what you would think, has the best pricing and...
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    Tomorrow: A really big dick rides a really big dick...

    Personally I think this is really cool and I'm glad to see something constructive being done, instead of bullshit social experiments. This is democracy and capitalism at it's best, allowing the U.S. to continue to lead the world in innovation!
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    good morning inmates

    Good morning RDP!
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    good morning inmates

    Good morning RDP!
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    *~☆Happy Birthday Ziggy!☆~*

    Happy birthday oldman!
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    Lake Powell, 2021

    Thanks for the offer. Just got off the phone with my BIL and he is bringing his 4x4 super duty and we should be fine to launch and retrieve at Lone Rock if we have to.
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    Lake Powell, 2021

    We have a one week houseboat trip out of Wahweap Thursday morning. I'm picking up my boat in Havasu and heading up to Page on Wednesday. WTF do I do if the Wahweap ramp is closed? If it's open on Thursday morning I can launch but what if it's closed at the end of our trip a week later. Also...
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    good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Good morning RDP!
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    My wife needs help

    Yes, a nice couple came over and helped her out.
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    My wife needs help

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    My wife needs help

    As soon as I can get furniture. I'm taking my first load up this weekend.
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    My wife needs help

    100 CDs and Bluetooth.