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  • Joe shulman told me to get ahold of you to ask you about his hallett vecter , if you could get back to me it would be appreciated 612 978 9897 or get me your #
    Obnoxious 001 suggested that I send you a PM when he read about my problem with mu wife's car.

    She hs a 1998 Camaro Z28. With the ignition off and the key out of the ignition switch, there is still power as if the ignition switch was on. All the panel lights on the dash are on. If you put the key in the ignition and start the motor, the motor runs and the dash lights turn off as they normally do. When you turn the ignition off and remove the key, the motor keeps running.

    A couple readers sugested that the ignition switch might be bad. Are there any other answers for my problem? I am not the world's best mechanic, but I can fumble my way around a car. Is this something I should have a mechanic handle?


    i here you are the carb guru i am wondering what size jets to run i a 468 gale banks twin turbo set up with 750 or 850 hollys, just wondering what a starting point would be. THANKS RANDE
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