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    Havasu Landing Input Please...

    I always filled up at the Store and it was considerably cheaper than the docks it may be a little cheaper in Needles but not much.
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    Regal Beagle - Coolest thing You will ever see

    Hot Rods and Handguns is another Huntington club.
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    Chaparral help

    Thank you I will check them out
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    Chaparral help

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Chaparral service shop in So. Cal preferably O.C. Inland Empire area Sun Country has stopped there affiliation.
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    Hmm seams like you worked for Aase Brothers

    Hmm seams like you worked for Aase Brothers
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    Must see Formula 1 crash this morning

    Great race a lot of laps short track a little sand blowing made it interesting to say the least.
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    Must see Formula 1 crash this morning

    Erase Racism, ironic that LH labels his uniform and gets most of the the Euro's to take a Knee for. In a country like Bahrain how damn Ironic I guess their are no Breana Taylor stories there for him to take up a cause for,, one of the countries with Human Rights violations to this day. Leave the...
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    Round 10 Dallas American Flat Track Qualifying

    I like the Axtell decal CR was quite a guy
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    Pool builder needed in Alta Loma

    Give Corey at Sunset Pools a try they are in O.C. but are very good (714) 538-4398
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    MLM -FRIENDS ( amway, Mary Krap, etc.)

    This guy is a major vitamin supplier to Herbalife https://marconimuseum.org/
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    DIY engine kits or plans?

    Here is a site dedicated to building engines https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/ I was starting to research bench top cnc mills to attempt a running engine project but really can't afford it now, but someday
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    DIY engine kits or plans?

    Hey Dave are you still looking for a kit, with the current interest in Fords and racing here is one https://www.enginelabs.com/news/working-13-scale-289-windsor-small-block-ford-model-from-franzis/
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    Dentist WTF

    Just had a Crown today 1484.00 with my discount....
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    DIY engine kits or plans?

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    DIY engine kits or plans?

    Dave if you are in the area of your old stomping grounds this place will blow your mind. The running miniature engines are amazing check it out there is something there for you and your Kids. https://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/facility.htm