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    Battery Mounting Location?

    Yes, put them back in the same spot, for now. Get used to driving the boat, find out how it handles in not only nice conditions but choppy conditions as well. Is this a twin engine set up or single? If twin, the batteries are probably that far forward to help offset the weight of two engines...
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    Alternative to a Bimini- Yes, No?

    This is exactly what we do. I have a 21 Tuff and don't want to add more holes for the bimini hardware.
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    Well said. This is an issue that some either can't wrap their heads around or steadfastly refuse to accept. Everything related to this virus that has been done by government agencies/MSM since mid March 2020 has been done to promote fear, increase control and take away American freedoms. A...
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    You're willing to speculate on possible health industry practice but not on the actual topic being discussed, interesting. With that type of posting one might think you're here just to stir things up. Oh and "upset" is not the word I would use, disgusted is far more accurate. Cheers Chris, I...
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    The Cajon Pass Slow Traffic Phenomenon

    Our roads are full of drag racers. Go like a bat out of hell in a straight line, can't turn for shit or pass a large vehicle in the next lane. That and TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    Are you toying with me? You have to know the over estimated death toll is not about the cost of healthcare nor is it about vigilance. Do you think Alameda County is going to give back the $$$$ they received for those 441 that were incorrectly certified as covid deaths?
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    I was being a bit cheeky with Chris, I know it's not industry practice but he put it out there as a possibility so it begged the question. The real question is why did our government put a monetary incentive on diagnosing someone with Covid-19 as well as listing it as cause of death without...
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    To anyone who wants to understand the real threat of this virus and whether it ever really deserved "pandemic" status, shut downs, mask mandates and moronic social distancing.
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    Covid death count wrong?! No way

    So..... is it industry practice to monetize a cause of death for a specific device, disease or virus, skewing the data to a degree that it's basically useless?
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    ECM 300x

    x 2 for Hot Laps, call Joe at 928-706-4702, 9 to 5 AZ time.
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    Quick Mach 22 Video

    5 seconds? You tease.
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    [WTB] Labbed 26P

    26p what? Bravo 1, Lightning ET, Pro Max, Trophy, Hill Signature, Hydromotive?
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    Automotive testing and development services

    We received a letter from Hyundai for the same thing just before we returned the lease. Might have done it if we were going to keep the car. From what I remember they specified a mileage limit they would put on the car and it wasn't much. Carb might be different.
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    The future of tow vehicles?

    Whatever works to get your boat in the water.
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    Walker Lake, NV

    According to the internet yes you can boat on that lake. The satellite image shows the boat launch high and dry though, that may be a seasonal thing, don't know.