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    Space X 4 civilians into orbit

    I think a mission to Mars might stir up excitement
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    Space X 4 civilians into orbit

    On a lighter note.....4 civilians just flew into space and high orbit, that's pretty awesome!
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    headed out to mead....

    Crazy how things work out sometimes, sold my boat March 2020 before what i was expecting to be a busy season (the last season before actually listing it for sale). With the current conditions of ramps I wouldn't even bother, sure I can launch at 4 am to beat the crowd but coming back on a...
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    15 years later

    Good job. I'm on track with your driving habits. Bought my 08 used in 2011 with 115k miles, it was a Texas runner truck. Based on miles and internal clock avg speed was 45mph. I just rolled past 180k miles.
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    RIP: 12 US Servicemen were killed today at Kabul Airport

    TAPS for the fallen 😔
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    Awesome! OO-FUKING-RAH
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    POS 7.3...

    1/2 tons are rated for 11k towing?
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    POS 7.3...

    Original cps from what I can tell but my hpop did kick the bucket last year
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    POS 7.3...

    keep going......🍿
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    POS 7.3...

    I get the rediculousnous for sure, if 7.3 owners thing their shit don't stink then their head is stuck in the sand but most of us on here with 7.3 have are enjoying them for what they are. These things are pretty reliable and if something does go wrong it's fairly simple to fix in one's driveway...
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    POS 7.3...

    God looking rig. I'm second owner, same wheels but black. Check it out with my former trailer, it was meant to be.
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    POS 7.3...

    What's with all the hate towards the 7.3? Yeah, we know they have half the torque of new trucks but but also cost accordingly.
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    POS 7.3...

    I love my turd
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    School me On Diesel Trucks

    Sure is but I'm in denial and refuse to leave diesel. Still have my 08 dmax and 02 7.3 excursion after selling 12k lbs boat on trailer and 8k rv TT, now only pulling 4k max air opus. The sound of diesel engine and turbo whistle still have me at hello😊
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    Now this is how you exit the freeway!!

    I understand completely, i'm just armchair quarterbacking the other armchair quarterbacks. ;)