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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Joe is keeping us safe! More speed cameras

    Less Hamburgers People - more Rice and Sushi. Part of Bidens new Health Plan.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Hey lam!!!

    Thats what I imagine 2FFs garage looks like . 😎 Nice Boat too . 👍
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    More work pics - a positive note

    Waiting for the picture of you lifting a T 284 mining truck Craig. 600 tonnes. You can do it !
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    2023 Escalade-V Released

    Next PPP check that bitch is mine! 🤣 J/K
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    Things you regret for 500 Alex

    My First Triple - My white T shirts got splattered in oil when you went over 100. loved it.
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    reporting bank fraud ?

    Call your banker and get Credit report on yourself first. They are scamming you or someone has stolen your identity.
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    What's the tier one small cordless vacuum for the boat?

    I have vacuumed up a beer or two.. rinse with water...repeat. Just remove the filter inside the black tank. you can remove the black hose and add an attachment or vacuum with it directly. The Vacuum, air compressor and LED light go on every trip. All 20 volt. 👍
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    What's the tier one small cordless vacuum for the boat?

    We use all the 20 volt dewalt. This little guy we keep in the truck, to the boat, to the pontoon. internal filter. Works well.
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    Taking Social Security Early?

    I read that the only way to save SS is to extend the retirement age, raise the income threshold limit, cut benefits. its not looking good. Too many people bailing out and getting on the SS band wagon. I would get on it now and not look back. My broader opinion is we should drift...
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    2022 GMC’s

    What worries me is this. I have an HD Denali ordered. 23. it showed some exclusions. Rear seat heat, some other items i forget now. Like rear back up alarm. Just what does it take to add this chip later? a complete dash tear down? and when will the chip come. and how long will the...
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    Got a question for me? Shoot! Or suggestions?

    Ok here is one Dave..in the toy syndicate, how about a search by price . High - Low . Lookin good. Keep it up.