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    Anybody have a finless ski for sale

    Looking for a finless ski for sale. Let me know what you guys have. For anybody who doesn’t know what a finless is it’s just a water ski with no fin
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    Posting for a friend: 1992 35' Fountain with Trailer

    Wait it’s for sale for 44k?
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    Looking for a nice race ski.

    Hi I am looking for a newer race ski preferably used. Looking for a ssrs or a maherajah like some of the pictures below
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    Glass 360 for sale with bag *****SOLD***

    I would be interested in getting it.
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    water skis for sale?

    He still has the ski I’m pretty sure. Talked to him about a month ago
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    water skis for sale?

    Sweet ski pretty good price. Won’t find anything cheaper tho. You’d have to move the bindings together
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    Looking for Wiley bindings or ho animal water ski bindings

    Yes I do need them before Wednesday as I leave for Parker that day
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    Looking for Wiley bindings or ho animal water ski bindings

    Looking for double booted water ski bindings. Primary wileys double booted or the ho animals that are all black
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    Anybody have either of these two water skis for sale?

    Looking for either of these two skis used not new
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    High Maintenance Boat & Equipment Trailer

    Ya it is. Just saw one of Carl’s new boats he built at the race In Havasu over the weekend. Give him a text he usually responds pretty fast
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    Dc and Andy Clark

    What size bindings
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    Need waterski race suit

    Anybody have a water ski race suit I am about 5,10 140 pounds would like head and arm restraints and I am also in need of a hole shot. Text me at 714-317-2716 with anything you have I would like the suit to be in good condition
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    Hallett 210

    Still for sale ?
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    Anybody got a Air cotto for sale

    You should get one talked to Daniel today it’s 900 shipped for a blank ski and you get to pick the bottom color of the ski. Just message him on Facebook