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    New Buckskin Fireboat!

    Maybe it's obvious but what hull is that? Not looking familiar.
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    Lake Arrowhead Firework Show

    I here newscums vineyard is open all weekend and completely booked. o_O
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    Hallett 19’SS repower

    How does yours run with the merc? The one I picked up had a rude 225bthay needs alot of tlc so I'm rigging a merc 200.
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    Hallett anyone? Maybe stolen?

    Slow. I pulled it off the trailer. 1000 grit the whole boat. Cut and polished it. Came out pretty good for the shape it's in. Cleaned the floor up ready for new carpet. stopped on boat to focus on trailer. Trailer is pretty bad so I sanded it down put a coat of paint on it. changed the axle hubs...
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    Victory Brings a fresh look to West Coast Boating

    Just a thought. With prop pitch that high at what point do they change the ratio on the lower? Won't you get too much tail lift with that pitch or more?
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    Prop Slip - What are good numbers?

    Don't forget cats are weight sensitive also.
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    Quarantittes Facebook group

    I like how it says private group 116k members. Lol
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    Looking to shoot boats - Readers / MFG

    What kinda gun you gonna use ?:p
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    We're on season 2 episode. 9. Love it.
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    Betcha can't stop looking at it.

    Move over tiger king. There's a new king in town. Goes by donkey king.
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    Anybody know why he pulled away from DCB in the first place?
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    You thought your tenant was gonna pay their rent? APRIL FOOLS COVID STYLE

    Mortgage companies are rewriting loans to defer payments 60 days. My sister in law works for B of A in that department and she's busy as shit coming it from home even.
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    What commercial do you hate the most?

    The Powell electric commercial. Especially the end. AT POWELL ELECTRIC WE'LL FIX IT WITH A FLASH. Except they say in a flash.
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    What commercial do you hate the most?

    The liberty buchamle commercial is pretty funny. You gotta watch the extended version on you tube.
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    damn got lit in a hut

    Like wispy tango?