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    Had 2 packages coming Fed X last week. One from back east and one was San Diego to the high desert in CA. Package from back east came only 1 day late. The CA to CA package was over a week late and India customer service kept saying there was weather issues. Finally e mailed the merchant (...
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    Water heater question

    Make sure there isn't a dead critter on the main burner. Had that happen once in extremely cold weather.
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    The Second Look = WOW!! Factor.

    Could be wrong, but isn't there a engine recall on almost all Hyundai models right now? The looks have really improved.
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    2007 KX 85 Tuning Help

    Was there porting done on it? It it was ported, could have been made to be even more of a screamer. Maybe throw some new carbon reeds in it. Those little 2 smokers like to bog easily. They are lil screamers and not much low torque---like none.
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    Today was supposed to be a routine day

    Oh damn that is awful. I know greyhounds have issues with anesthesia and need a vet who is aware and savvy. Maybe french bulldogs have a similar issue.
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    Biden boat parade

    LOL, the date is May 8, 2021. That is Mother's Day weekend. These moms are most likely into a my weekend, lets do a brunch. Not like the Trump moms who love to go boating.
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    With all the hate on California threads...

    Same issues on Angeles Crest Hwy and Angeles Forest Hwy. Flatlanders going extremely slow and can't keep the car on their side of the road. The trash left behind in Angeles Forest has been terrible since the Rona shut down.
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    Over it, am wrong?

    I wonder about the common air ventilation systems in all these buildings. If the Rona is spread by air and suppose to be easy to catch.....the ventilation systems are just spreading it around. What about not sanitizing your mask every time you leave a building and go to another building, are you...
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    PPP loan fraud

    Just wait until business owners try to fill out the loan forgiveness paper work. It is such a mess. that most banks are not accepting the paper work as yet. ADP keeps sending updates. Looks like the number that SBA had a business use for their loan amount is vastly different than what you will...
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    BLUEWATER (non)RESORT: updates ?

    I believe the enduro is is taking place at La Paz.
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    Carlsbad 1980

    First turn at Carlsbad, had the inside line holeshot. Crappy old picture circa 78. Good memories of pre kid days. I was 19 yrs old and a newlywed. Still married (my mechanic).
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    Chevy suburban gurus

    Just because you take your vehicle in to have oil changes unfortunately does not mean it was done right. WTF you say??? Maybe I am a bit crazy or my husband who is an excellent auto mechanic change the oil every 3k miles and the filter too. Have you seen how small the filters are now days? My...
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    Chevy suburban gurus

    Do you have a code reader handy? Plug it in and see what codes are thrown. Check your oil. like was mentioned above.
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    Chevy suburban gurus

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    Before I tar and feather the grandson.....

    Aren't these items mostly made in China??? We all know the good quality control from China parts.