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    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    You all need to get your Prostate checked and stay on top of it!
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    Battery question?????

    Interstate's new maintenance free deep cycle batteries are nice and come with a replacement warranty of 2 years
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    Refi questions

    I did a refi with Quicken / Rocket Mortgage Co., strange how it worked out I got a cold call and the guy said he could refi my home and close in 15 days. At that time I had a 10% interest rate because I had to find a cash lender quick, my credit score was to low from not having any loans or...
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    Testimony: Inversion Table For Back / Sciatica

    Yes my back is toast also, Advanced Arthritis and they say nothing can be done. I started riding a stationary bike at the gym and that has helped a bunch along with dropping a little weight witch always helps, I also have a inversion table, not a real expensive one but may consider buying a...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    What kinda cost is right there?
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    Bill Clinton Near Death ?

    More GD Fake News.......Can't believe anything now days, might as well read the Esquire mag at the grocery store
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    Lori Loughlin

    Put in jail for buying a way to get your kids through collage but tampering with a Presidential election and no convictions?.....Buying your kids education or buying a President of the USA? This country is messed up!
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    Texas bound

    Moving or just a short trip?
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    Hallett 270 Windshield Replacement?

    Did you check with Jerry @ Barron Boats?
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Looks like it was a Revenge?
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    This is why I love Texas

    That's funny as hell!
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    Small shop liability insurance?

    Anyone on here sell insurance?, looking for a liability policy for a small one man boat service / repair shop in Tucson?
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    Cashiers Check for Boat Purchase Opinion

    I didn't read all of the posts but I had a guy that owed me about $3500 and I had already relocated to AZ after closing my shop in Nor Cal, I left His boat at a friends business until the owner could come up with the money He owed me, He wanted me to give Him His boat without payment and said it...
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    Biden in Havasu ...

    Yes....Please Vote Red, so we can go on with our lives with less bullshit!
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    Biden in Havasu ...

    I'm also in Tucson and I still feel there is too much blue around here, most people don't even have a reason their are voting blue they just don't like Trump