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    Bill Clinton Near Death ?

    More GD Fake News.......Can't believe anything now days, might as well read the Esquire mag at the grocery store
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    Lori Loughlin

    Put in jail for buying a way to get your kids through collage but tampering with a Presidential election and no convictions?.....Buying your kids education or buying a President of the USA? This country is messed up!
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    Texas bound

    Moving or just a short trip?
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    Hallett 270 Windshield Replacement?

    Did you check with Jerry @ Barron Boats?
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Looks like it was a Revenge?
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    This is why I love Texas

    That's funny as hell!
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    Small shop liability insurance?

    Anyone on here sell insurance?, looking for a liability policy for a small one man boat service / repair shop in Tucson?
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    Cashiers Check for Boat Purchase Opinion

    I didn't read all of the posts but I had a guy that owed me about $3500 and I had already relocated to AZ after closing my shop in Nor Cal, I left His boat at a friends business until the owner could come up with the money He owed me, He wanted me to give Him His boat without payment and said it...
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    Biden in Havasu ...

    Yes....Please Vote Red, so we can go on with our lives with less bullshit!
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    Biden in Havasu ...

    I'm also in Tucson and I still feel there is too much blue around here, most people don't even have a reason their are voting blue they just don't like Trump
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    Biden in Havasu ...

    More BULLSHIT! Ya not good, I don't think She will make it, Hell it looks like AZ could become totally blue and that sucks......Too many Comifornians moving to AZ and brining their politics with them.
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    Do They Make A Fuck Up Repair Kit For This?

    You can buy a skeg from Mercury then cut, fit and weld it to your drive and it would be like new after painting, I have done many of them, or you can buy a polished stainless steel skeg guard than you can install in ten min. there are a couple different manufactures, I think that Panther makes...
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    Fiberglass and Gel Repair- Take a look !!!

    It all looks great, I know for a fact how much work that is........Better have been at least $25,000 or more!
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    Boat survey questions

    From the pic it looks like a area that had some impact, the white area is fractured fiberglass, a area that had impact that damages the structure of the laminate, could be from many reasons like trailer damage, hit or sat on a rock, fell on the ground at one time ???? I would check the complete...
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    Bunk Wood

    DF is fine if you can find a few pieces that aren't all crooked and knotted up, don't use any treated lumber especially the red kind, the red can soak through the bunk carpet and stain the bottom of your boat, good luck with your project