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    Anyone know what happened to this boat and it’s owner?? Hope both are doing well.
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    I found a non electric one of these on CL near me!! Other wise like a 3 months wait list. https://www.soulbeachcruisers.com/
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    Campbell hull # owner list

    The problem was fixed. Something happened during one of the updates. On the first day of snow, the CBO has a lot going on!!!
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    V drive Hydraulic Steering

    Does anyone build billet tiller arms?? Single hole, for the ram.
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    V drive Hydraulic Steering

    Ok maybe a stupid question. Does the tiller arm geometry change when hydraulics are introduced?? I want to install a system in my 24 (50 year old cable system in my boat sucks), but I need/want a new tiller arm.
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    Tough Pill to Swallow

    😢😢Sorry for the loss of your partner.
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    Campbell hull # owner list

    It’s still there but the buttons are gone, they went away during an upgrade that I need to fix.
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    Bought a couple re-issued old school skateboards.

    Holy crap!! I stumbled onto an old Sims bd on eBay and wondered if I could get a copy of my old G&S fiberflex!!! I should of collected vintage skateboard parts instead of worthless v-drive boats and parts😩😩😩🤦‍♂️
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    Cole/Giroux TR2 builds

    The latest to leave the barn!!
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    Great Powerboating Documentary...

    H hey I’ve been on that boat!!! Not sure I have ever felt that kind of acceleration when she reached down and grabbed some water.... like ever!!!!😳😳😳
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    Bud Bailey (alive and well)

    After stalkin this guy for years, I recently scored his number and called him. The dude still has it going on and while it’s tough to recall the details from 63 years ago!!! He still has a ton of stories from back in the day. Might be a road trip in my future??
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    Trophy Tops

    Pending sale on the boats. Skiers are still available.....
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    Trophy Tops

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    Trophy Tops

    I came across a box of these recently and couldn't let them go. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I have 38 Water Skier trophy tops (the hot rod tops are gone). I haven't decided on the boat tops yet either. My son suggested whisky bottle toppers ?? Make me an offer on the...
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    Very nice and I love the red, it’s clearly the fastest color!!!