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    Bud Bailey (alive and well)

    After stalkin this guy for years, I recently scored his number and called him. The dude still has it going on and while it’s tough to recall the details from 63 years ago!!! He still has a ton of stories from back in the day. Might be a road trip in my future??
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    Trophy Tops

    Pending sale on the boats. Skiers are still available.....
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    Trophy Tops

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    Trophy Tops

    I came across a box of these recently and couldn't let them go. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I have 38 Water Skier trophy tops (the hot rod tops are gone). I haven't decided on the boat tops yet either. My son suggested whisky bottle toppers ?? Make me an offer on the...
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    Very nice and I love the red, it’s clearly the fastest color!!!
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    Treasure Trove of vintage boat pictures

    Thanks for finding this and posting it up..... it has cost me a ton of time already!!!
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    Hey send me your info if you want me to put your boat on the Campbell site...

    Hey send me your info if you want me to put your boat on the Campbell site?? Www.campbellboatowners.org
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    Putting the 71 Campbell back together is Done

    Nice work!! She looks beautiful!!
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    Cole/Giroux TR2 builds

    Got a few new pics from Shorty.
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    1957 Campbell (project)

    Looks like the 57 will go away next weekend if no one is interested Price drop on 1960’s flat bottom trailer $800.00. (with 4 new tires). Rn
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    1957 Campbell (project)

    Found another boat that I gotta have and this one has to go. Was saving it for a retirement project but no room for all of them. Two trailer to choose from (or take them both) Early 390 Caddy motor Transom redone Lots of spares if you want them See thread in the Campbell section for additional...
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    1957 Campbell

    Well it is time to move this along to someone who is interested in finishing her. Pete Giroux redid the transom and thats where the work stopped. I was saving it for a retirement project but have recently found another boat that I need (No room for this one too). I have 2 trailers to choose...
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    Twin V-Drive Campbell Whaler

    My understanding is that it was one of the last Campbell's built in the factory (in 92) before it was shut down for the last time. Bob Welan's personal "party barge".
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    Twin V-Drive Campbell Whaler

    That is exactly which boat this is. It was bought from Bob Whelan's wife and then it was completely gone through by a well know LHC Campbell guy (my understanding was no expense was spared!!). The beer tap is gone but I think the dance floor is still in there. Glad they saved her...
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    Cole/Giroux TR2 builds

    I'll get a hold of Pete this weekend and see what he thinks.