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    Restaurants, Chew & Choke’s, and watering Holes

    Might be a good title for a new Thread! We just went to the Boat House (first time) for breakfast today! — of course I had to try the barge to compare to all the other chicken fried steaks In the area! Anyway! The place is up town!:) And will be trying other items (lunch&Dinners) for awhile...
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    Water Ski Thread...

    I’d probably drill a hole in that one on the far right for a rope with handles! — for some sit down skiing!:D
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    School me on Moab

    These the Guys & Gals! I rolled with back then! 😉
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    Mine's a Diesel and hasn't skipped a lick in twenty years! :)
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    School me on Moab

    Doubt you can do lions back, (if still open) Schaffer is a good roll, and to many others I can't remember! Arches & Canyon lands of course!
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    Distance traveled in a boat?

    Last one I took was from the Bouy line at the Springs to Laughlin and back. 😉
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    El Queso Grande Johnsontina

    Damn!! We're getting attacked again! :)
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    Your first boat.....

    8 foot wood Dingy with a 3hp Johnson!
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    Good morning inmates

    ??? Did you have to pinch your nose to get it down?? o_O Good Morning All!
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    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    lt's all about GREED & CONTROL!!
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    Pepper Spray

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    No worries! All we have to do is wait for these stupid fuckers to fly in a few more plane full of that shit!!
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    Morning everyone

    I'd Luv to see it dump a couple of feet and stay for a week or two!! 😁
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    AZ is trying to ban semi automatic weapons

    I have LOTS! .... Just come and try to take em! ... These FuckHeads keep it up, and they're gonna start something that ain't gonna be pretty! 🔫🔫💣🔫🔫
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    So what you drive does matter

    Should have a Hummer! She might have jumped right on! .....IN!! 🤑