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    Looking for our first RV

    🤔 It's worked out pretty good! ;)
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    Looking for our first RV

    40' plus 24" ;)
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    KMG Phantom

    I'm just trying to figure out if the seller or possible buyers name is/or will be -- Forrest Gump? :rolleyes: 🤔
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    X2! ... And a memory jerk! -- Columbia River, Sturgeon fishing, Sun coming up, Rollmop Harring rolled around a pickle, and PBR! 12 ft pole, 100# line, 1 pound weight, 5/0 Hook. Elastic Thread RollMop to the hook, cut the pickle in 1/2, Pop-a-Top, Eat the nasty F'n pickle, Take a big slug of...
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    Airplane towing a sign over the lake?

    This time of year? Likely Viagra! 🙂 Sounds like the plane coulda used a dose!
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    Roll bar boaters...

    Like a rhinestone PlowBoy! 😂
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    When's kickoff?

    Fuck em! .... Fuck em ALL! :mad:
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    Tulsa Police Shot - Video Released

    Very hard to watch 2 LEO's that didn't have a clue what to do! 😞
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    Finally Joined

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    How does end of summer effect your boating?

    AZ is closed to all boating starting October 1st.... 😑 ;)
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    Carbon Monoxide poisoning and boating

    Have a Detector! :)
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    Boating content, kinda!

    Anchor system!
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    How does end of summer effect your boating?

    The sooner them PlowBoys put those Wave Tractors away! .... The better! 😂 😑... The best time of year is just getting started! :)
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    Over it, am wrong?

    You made it ALL about you! .... Then you should have got the check up and shot in the ass! :rolleyes: You were there for your kid right? ... But weren't! ....
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    Bluewater Casino to open Sept 14th.

    They got that -- Colorado Gold Fever! -- Nuggets the size of a SnowBird! :)