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    Raider game today?

    If you have Facebook search for “Raiders live streaming.” There’s a bunch of live streams there.
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    The Refuge

    We were in escrow a few months ago on a lot down from MaGoo's place and got cold feet before pulling out of the deal. After seeing this Q&A sheet last week, I'm glad we did. If the HOA fees go up as much as they are looking at it could get pretty expensive..... The Refuge Community Association...
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    LOTO vs Desert Storm

    LOTO is heads and shoulders ahead of Desert Storm due to the accessibility of the lake. With thousands of homes on the water, water accessible bars/restaurants, and countless launch ramps, getting on and off the water will always have it ahead of anything Lake Havasu can offer. I love Havasu...
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    Chuck Barris Gong Show

    The Gong Show and the $1.98 Beauty Show are two television masterpieces!!!!
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    Hidden Bimini?

    Here’s a few pics of ours and where it is mounted. We love having it out of the way when down. When we had the interior re-done we had DCB put small blocks on the rear of the backseat to keep it off the supercharger.
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    Rolex watches off eBay

    @HappyJewelers Gabe and Danny are the best in the business and always have inventory
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    How long should a shop stand behind their work?

    One of mine popped out a couple years ago and the reputable shop I took it to in Havasu said it was common for these older rams to do this (they have seen it happen numerous times). They put a new clip in the one that popped out and it got me through the rest of the season. Before the following...
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    Calpers questions

    On the spot... he can come in for part of his shift and take his ball and go home at anytime.
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    Calpers questions

    Yes they can… it may take an extra month or so to get your first check, but you will eventually get it all from the date of retirement.
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    Strange Cancun story.

    Sad story.... His friend and fellow firefighter was so distraught over his death that he shot his portion of the news story at his side business "Texas Hog Bait" so he could get some free publicity...:rolleyes:
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    Interior shops?

    DCB.. and the cost wasn’t much different than that of a quote I got from another reputable shop in Havasu
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    Havasu Springs

    Ate there this morning.. operating as normal.
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    (Sold) 2008 DCB 28 Extreme Open Bow. Mercury Racing 600 SCI!!

    I had a 25Tremor, which was about the same height at the DCB (Shockwave's do have a high freeboard). , I would say the DCB is between the Shockwave 29Magnitude and the Howard. I've also parked next to a 28Bullet in the past and our boat was about a foot taller on the beach at the highest point...
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    (Sold) 2008 DCB 28 Extreme Open Bow. Mercury Racing 600 SCI!!

    The boat sits higher than the 28Bullet in the water and is larger inside. The Howard is faster (I believe it has a more narrow beam than the DCB), but with this motor package it will do over 80 all day long. Ours has a Stage 3 whipple and will go 90+ with the right prop. Over the years I have...
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    (Sold) 2008 DCB 28 Extreme Open Bow. Mercury Racing 600 SCI!!

    Great looking boat.. they ride amazing. Hope it sells quick for that price or higher, may make me put mine up…