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    Post your Trump parade pics here

    I think that's going to be our new "norm." We are going the weekend before Father's Day and will be doing that exact thing.
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    Where's the trump bus at?

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    Pool Remodel cost......

    Pebble and new tile, you're probably at around 8-9k. Plaster, probably 6-7
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    2.5% 30yr fixed rate?

    did they charge fees?
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    Need A Discontinued Part For My Truck

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    Removable wind deflectors?

    Sorry, they were installed by DCB during the build... I believe they all come with the shields as a package
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    Removable wind deflectors?

    They work great. The stainless grommets don't look bad when they are out (pic#3). I can wear a hat at speed when they are in, but the dash is higher than most in relation to the height of the driver's seat...
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    My Hallett 335 Thread

    Go to Nordic (Hallett) Boats.. they have a top notch in-house upholstery department that should be able to hook you up with what you want.
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    Fender storage

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    Hallett 270 wider Midcabin entry doors

    I agree 100%. We've owned M/C O/B's with and without front doors. It's so nice to have the door so you can close off the air tunnel that will blow all your belongings around.
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    4 piece appliance package

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    Hallett 335

    Congrats, you purchased a beautiful boat. It was nice talking to you about it, glad everything worked out.
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    4 piece appliance package

    Here’s the info on them, let me know if you have any other questions. Fridge: manufactured 12/11 26 cu ft 69 1/2“ tall 35” deep including handles 35 5/8” wide Range: 30” wide 28” deep including handles all appliances were in our house when we bought it in April, 2012. House was a flip, so...
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    4 piece appliance package

    Fridge: $250.00 Range: $250.00 Dishwasher: $100.00 Microwave: $50.00
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    4 piece appliance package

    4 piece stainless appliance package. Everything works. Handle on over the range microwave is cracked. Gas range. Fridge has door water/ice. Great/good condition. Must pick-up in LaMirada. $600.00 OBO i