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    Johnson Family vacation!

    Watch that hose the first few times you use it. I bought the same one and the fitting blew off the end within 1 minute of its first use.
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    Lets see those boats

    DCB 28extreme. Merc600 with a stage3 Whipple
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    Desert Storm Roll Call

    1 - Shintoooo + 4 2. DWC and MrsDWC 3. Racer56+1 4. Racer89+1 5. Bpracing +7 6. Singleton’s - 2 adults / 1 kiddo 7. H20 Toie +1 8. RPMsRUP+6 9. Blackmagic94+4 10. Hammer+3 11. 28Eliminator +2 (at least) 12. 240Hallett and Deb 13. rivermobster and crew 14. Bajastu +4 15. Jefftowz + 2 16. Plaster...
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    Garage epoxy flooring questions..

    We are going to have this done instead of epoxy. It’s stronger, adheres better, and is guaranteed. Costs more, but looks to be worth it. Looking at doing it next month. https://jakconcretecoatings.com/
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    Zillow dealeo

    That is true. When Zillow began buying houses several years ago, the value of our property dropped substantially on their site almost overnight. I find Redfin to be a little more accurate, but a little high. I've noticed most of the sales in my area in so-cal are going for somewhere around the...
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    RDP, Desert Storm raft-up for poker run

    Several years ago it was near the south end of the lake (a mile or two from the card stop), along the west shoreline...
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    RDP, Desert Storm raft-up for poker run

    The Friday raft-ups are always a great time to watch the poker run. What say everyone, you guys in? If so, where and let's get a roll-call going....
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    Paddleboards - Questions & Pics Of Outings

    no mods on mine, it came with a long cord so reaching the board hasn’t been a problem.
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    Garage Flooring

    How much did they charge a sq ft?
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    Garage Flooring

    Curious what the going price per sq ft is for having someone epoxy a garage floor in so-cal. I am looking at going with the product below, and got an estimate, but I wanted to see how the price compares to having epoxy done. Thanks... https://jakconcretecoatings.com/
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    Paddleboards - Questions & Pics Of Outings

    We use this one on our boat for our paddle boards and regular floats also. Inflates the boards in only a couple minutes. Prices have went up though, we got ours in 2018 for $32.00. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sevylor-SUP-and-Water-Sport-Electric-Pump-12V-15-PSI/35395714
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    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    Agree 100%, Heather Thomas.... Had the poster of her walking through those swinging bar doors hanging on my wall as a kid.
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    Boat Insurance

    I was with Debra Miller State Farm in Havasu for years with several different boats. They insured our DCB v-bottom with a Merc600, but once the stage3 was put on they wouldn't touch it. I'm glad to see others are having luck with State Farm now, it's always great for people to have options for...
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    Boat Insurance

    When I owned that boat and it had stock 600's it was $1,100 a year through Allstate. I'm surprised State Farm would insure that boat with twin motors and that much horsepower, they wouldn't touch it when we owned it and wouldn't insure our current boat when it was 600hp. We are now with Geico...
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    Lake Front Boat Storage

    If you're referring to Lakefront on London Bridge Road, then yes, we have been there for years with no issues. Great facility, just wish they did online payments. We just pay for the year at a time so we don't have to send checks throughout the year. Ron, the owner, is a good guy.