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    Lake Conroe Texas

    Yes, sorry that’s what I meant by income.
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    Lake Conroe Texas

    Property taxes are definitely a negative, cancels out the no state income tax. That’s why we like Tennessee, no state income taxes and around .6 on property taxes. Alabama also has low property taxes and they don’t tax government pensions.
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    Lake Conroe Texas

    Family and I are heading out in a couple days for a week to look around the area for a possible retirement destination. Checking out Montgomery, the Woodlands, Conroe, and Cypress. Any tips on things to check out while we are there? Areas to avoid (besides Houston)? Texas is just one state we...
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    School me on Nashville.. Work trip next week.

    Went in June, and heading back in September (looking for property) I would recommend the following for food and drink: Hatti B's Martin's BBQ Loveless Cafe (breakfast, their biscuits are delicious) Our favorite bars were: Kid Rock's Luke's 32 Bridge Johnny Cash's Legends Nudies Try and...
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    Just a heads up...

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    East Tennessee Lake Home build.

    Drove by your place on Thursday….. loved the area.
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    Nashville Tennessee

    Just got back today from 5-days in Nashville. Spent the first day looking at property around the Rockwood/London area. Day two was spent looking around Franklin. Day 3 was Gallatin/Old Hickory Lake area and finally day 4 was Franklin and Brentwood area. During the evenings, I think we hit at...
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    Storage access door help.

    Looking for a replacement for this acrylic, mirrored storage access door. Need the door and frame. Reached out to DCB, but they didn’t have an answer for me as it’s an older boat.The current door has no markings on it. Dimensions are: 16”x29”. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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    Current Boat Pics

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    Thank you to everyone who came to the rdp booth!

    Had a great time!
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    DS tie up

    Great time today… met some cool people.
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    East Tennessee Lake Home build.

    What city are you in?
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    Houston/Katy wakeboard lake

    Have then check out Lake Conroe. We are heading out there this summer to look at property in Montgomery.
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    How do you make

    Post of the year thus far! Hilarious…