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    Well well well.

    Thanks for the Swag @460 2.0 so glad I sent you a PM For the hookup.
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    2022 Square body Silverado

    Looks great but too close to the 2013 era body style. (Which is the most attractive IMO)
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    Square Body Fans

    These trucks always remind me of being poor. So I don’t see the attraction. spent many a years pushing these things home or working on them because my dad couldn’t afford anything better or that ran….lol.
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    Enclosed Trailer Market

    Yes they are. And they sell FAST!!
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    Crazy High School Football Finish

    I prefer HS and college over pro ball. I’ve got a son who plays for centennial and a nephew who plays for Los Al. Been an exciting year this year. Both teams are looking good. And of Cen10 keeps it up will be an exciting post season. 👍👍
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    I have had it a few time. Brother in law swears by it. I must be weird because I dont get the draw. I do love me some tri tip though.
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    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    See you there. It’s always fun to watch my drinking rich friends spend money at the show. 😂😂
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    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Be there tonight. Running a little early aren’t you?
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    The end of an era

    I’m all reality it wasn’t that bad. The best part of the whole deal for me was the liquid Valium 😉 wish I could buy that stuff on the street.
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    The end of an era

    I banged my wife same day.
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    RB’s prerunner build.

    Lol. I wound be money ahead buying the at one and having two vs. redoing mine that’s for sure.
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    Go 49er's

    My entire life we spent sundays watching the 49ers. My dad was a die hard fan. My das is no longer with us but I can still watch the 49ers. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Tales of an Attitude toyhauler

    Wow. This is not the thread o thought I was going to open. My thoughts are with you and hoping you guys get it all sorted out amd the Mrs is ok.
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    Go 49er's

    Not looking horrible but definitely can use some improvement