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    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    Always a great time!
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    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    Kenny is a good guy!
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    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    I have a bunch of friends that are there right now on a Harley run. Yearly deal, most are law enforcement or friends of them. I wasn’t able to make it this year do to work.
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    RZR Velocity Out the door

    That is a good price for a dynamix. Not so good for a velocity.
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    Electric pressure washers

    I have the $79 green harbor freight one and it works pretty good.
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    We just moved to Jurupa Valley. It’s ridiculous here.
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    18+ lounge?

    G&A please.
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    Hey LAM ..picked up a new boat..

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    Kitchen remodel 99% done

    Can I get the number to the guy who painted the cabinets.
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    Johnson Valley for New Years

    Looks like you were at Cougar Buttes. We were camped out there Wed - Sun.
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    orbi wifi?

    I have a separate modem and wireless router from spectrum. coverage sucks in my shop. If I do the google mesh system do I still use the router from spectrum? Or plug directly to the modem?
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    Kitchen remodel 99% done

    Do you mind telling me the price of just the cabinets being painted.
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    Is his name Mike?
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    Carpenters union flyer

    Local 909. Used to be local 803 until they moved everything around and re numbered them to local area codes.
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    Carpenters union flyer

    Most definitely!