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  • Dave, I think when the site took a shit last week I lost your message on the coozie guy, please resend it to me - thx

    btw - where is your wife delivering?

    - Walt
    HI ! I replied with a post that was 'too long' for your regular site. I suggest that YOU get your homeboys to capture my PM and send it to you ASAP. I'm not going to change it and I feel you may want to read it. G
    Dave, my password is not being accepted for user name "Linus 3". Can you e-mail me a new one so I can check out the Ultra thread. Thanks for the help. Tom
    Hi Dave. It doesn't look like there was much chatter to the Havasu shootings. I just saw the post last night about being to contribute. I have friends who knew All the deceased. The Young girl was the receptionist at Prestige Marine at one time. Chris the owner is pretty shaken up over this. What a bummer. Danny AKA Charlyox
    Hi Dave

    I am interested in reaching out to the performance boat enthusiasts at/around Aha Quin to let them know about my place for sale - it has a 1000 sq ft garage and is perfect for those needing space to fine tune their performance boats. I did not want to compromise the rules though, so I am contacting you first. If I am able to do this on your site, let me knwo where you would prefer I post it - Thanks
    Whats up Bud any calculations yet keep me posted when the wife figures it out please Check a couple new post in jets , got a few more of my "jet homies" coming in to hang out too .. BTW we got a mutual friend "drive by" (Matt Evangelista) is my friend as well as my plumber we've built two nice boats for him Tom
    Hey Dave Good to talk as usual Working on the Pics this weekend as the wife will be back form socal to run interferance (down in SD with the new grand baby I've been Batchin it) As always a pleasure to be part of this site Tom
    Nice meeting you up in Marina Manor. Good to put a name to a face.

    --Katch, Armen's son-in-law.
    River Dave, I raced in the Parker 300 and worked with Ross Wallach since the inception of this race (Parker 300) Propeller (APBA) magazine would like to use a picture by Wheeler for the COVER of the next propeller. How do I go about getting a release--can you give me permission? can Wheeler give me permission? Who would I contact and how? My phone number is (310) 488-3563 Rod Zapf boat 88!
    Hey RD, thank again for all your help and input for ski racing. Its pushing things in the right direction! Can you give me Lee Spindler's phone #? The one I have doesn't work anymore... 818-448-9788 ain't workin.
    Morning Dave, congrats on marriage. Hey, when I go to upload a photo for my screen picture, it keeps saying upload failed. Is there a trick. It shows the picture being brought over from my computer but it wont transfer to my section. Any help would be cool............
    Hey Dave I'll take four of your "race" t shirts "XL". Bring them to the river this weekend. Can pick up or can meet up with you somewhere for a cold one. Give me a call or PM me. 760 902-9153. Thanks Mark
    Why does everybody "bang on you" with the "RD SUX"?
    Thanks to Wheeler for the L.B. picts.
    hey Dave, I placed a classified ad for waterjet boat badges in the fresh / saltwater section, and it was moved to the everything else catagory. Why?

    thanks for your help
    We w/be on the water tomorrow around 6:30-7:00 for a click session w/Wheeler. Plans are to use Mark Clifton's #309 Howard for the wake w/197 in the forground simulationg him airing over me (?). Hope Wheeler's motor drive is loaded. G'luk 75' back manana!
    RD, got a question. I have been doing carburetor work (race mods/o'hauls) for many years. Most of my end of the river folks & race peers know this however would it be appropriate if I posted this on RDP (buy/sell tab?) Many don't know where to have custom carb work or basic o'hauls done & I thought it would be convenient for our Strip folks to know where to go (while at the river or back in SoCal) and make a few bucks on the side. Your direction please.

    PS- I'm sure you'll figure out how to hold a beer after your ski Saturday...it's mandatory.
    I've got a side biz, CNC Plasma table. Been making Jalapeno Grills and wanted to check with you before putting them up in spam section(everything else) to sell. I've been out of work for 3 months, my normal job is construction superintendent. I've been doing the metal cutting for the last two years and thats been slow in this area also. I have done spec parts, architectural elements, signs, wall hangings and yard art in steel, stainless, aluminum and copper. Just wanted to run this by you and see if it fit within the guidelines of spam or what other procedure do you have.
    What's the procedure and costs on my buying some ad space for my dealership (Ostrom Chevrolet)? I would like to promote our Service and GM Perf Parts.
    Are you still allowing folks to advertise banners here. It would be for a real estate group.

    Thx, Matt
    Dave, I just had to tell you what a great place this is. I don't post very often but look forward to the threads everyday. We will be in Parker for the first week of June so if you see an Ultra 23' purple deck boat, I will have cold C-
    Hi Dave,

    l want to purchase a couple of tee shirts. I tried to fill out the purchase order details but there is no facility for a drop down for AUSTRALIA only Canada. Can you help me please.

    Wombat (Garry Tomsett)
    Here is a website of the company I use. You can check out the different trailers here http://www.premisind.com/index.html We just came up with this idea of doing custom film for people. I used to race Pro ATV Motocross but an injury led me into becoming a helicopter pilot. This is a company and friend of mine that does videos for different magazines, factories, and his own DVD's. Thought we might try to get something started if people like the idea.
    I'm in for one regular one. My neighbor is going to buy one for me as a gift and one for himself if you can make his with a cigar sized resting place. How much for both and where do i send the check. Keith 619.743.6198
    I would be interested in a couple depending on their cost Dave. The billet ashtrays of course. I hope they are deep type ashtrays because of the wind.

    Let me know what the cost might be and maybe what kind of design your are thinking about.

    Hey Dave, I may have a buyer for your Spectra, Is it at the river? in case you dont remeber I have the blue spectra with BB572 old motor.
    Great discussion Dave! Believe it or not, we are not that far off from one another. I do believe we need to be responsible for our own actions...always have, always will. Maybe my point is clearer in my head than it is in what I am trying to write!
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