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    Hertz And Shelby Debut A 900-HP Ford Mustang You Can Rent This Summer

    100% ! Plenty of social media/youtube videos of Mustangs breaking loose and taking out people or just jacking up their cars lol
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    kia telluride Anyone have one?

    Sure see a lot of them on the road. Must be doing something right. IMO I think they look pretty good. Wife and I were just talking about them.
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    Bonnie and Clyde

    Biggest mistake was depending on a Ford as an escape vehicle 😂🤣
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    Detachable penis?

    So did I. 🤣
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    This Young Man Was In My Wife's First Class Up Here...

    Donated. Can’t imagine the pain. RIP young one.
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    Can am doing 85 up the Cajon-WTF

    How does your pup do in the can am? Love the goggles!
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    The ENTITLEMENT ........

    Todays drive home
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    Can am doing 85 up the Cajon-WTF

    I would bet that bitch gets impounded if he got caught
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    Can am doing 85 up the Cajon-WTF

    Or Bert's was out of trailers???
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    Can am doing 85 up the Cajon-WTF

    Wife saw this on FB....I guess when your on your last attendance point at work you'll do whatever it takes 🤣
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    The ENTITLEMENT ........

    Truckers 3 and 4 wide on Cali freeways drives me crazy. They’re in every lane now days.
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    Shrink-flation on Ice?

    Anyone notice all the bags of ice are smaller now? The 20lbs are now 16-17 lbs everywhere we have bought ice but still the same price.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    2022 AFTERPARTY will be in the CHANNEL

    After DS right? Not this Saturday?