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    2021 Stock Market

    Theatres have a tough future ahead of them. Looks like releasing new movies to streaming outlets the same time as theatres is here to stay. Probably a small portion of their revenue but in a already struggling sector it will have an impact.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Big Day For The Monkey Farm!

    Congrats! Awesome achievement for her!
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Tales Of A Mercenary Mechanic

    Idk man you might want to get on ancestry.com. I think you might have a little Amish in you. Bad ass work. Really dig this thread. Never know what to expect. 👍
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Going to Parker this weekend!!

    We had the best time camping at Pirates. We were cruising back and forth from Pirates to Roadrunner on the golf cart and all thru the campgrounds, then cruised around the golf course when it was closed. Pretty damn good time cruising around. Oh yeah, we did do some boating during the day so...
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    WTB 6 seater Golf Cart

    Not sure what the budget is but hit up 357 carts in Carlsbad. He built mine a few years ago and usually has inventory. Talk to Eric
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    Truck camper, whos done it?

    Posted on the Facebook page but probably fits better here lol
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    SXS spare tire?

    Buddy learned the hard way about a spare and buying 5 rims/tires when you upgrade. He hit a rock and couldn’t find his wheels anymore. Needless to say 1 out 4 doesn’t quite match anymore 😂
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    Truck camper, whos done it?

    We were camping this past weekend and saw one that was a least 3 to 4 feet past the bed. Had a side door after the tailgate and a rear pop out. Pretty impressive actually. Didn't think to get a pic and well, sure as shit there is a thread about them.
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    Wired 4 Sound???

    I follow a few shops on IG and Ive spoken to WFS and Ron's. Both seem solid. Speed of sound posts some bad ass work and so does Audiotistics in Apple valley. Audiotistics has to be one of the busiest shops I have ever seen and they still seem to pump out badass work . Seems like they always have...
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    Making a Reggae and ReggisISH playlist....What songs you got?

    Pepper Rebelution The Green Stick Figure Sublime Tribal seeds Eli MAc Seedless Tomorrows bad seeds Slightly Stoopid Expendables (Bowl for two) lol