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    Outlaw Nationals second run

    That was awesome Dana... Thanks for sharing and taking us along for the ride.
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    46 years together today

    Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. Cheers 🍻 to many more happy years together
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    Any Hook ups on Method wheels here?

    The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits new vehicle manufacturers from cancelling a vehicle warranty due to the presence of aftermarket parts, they must prove the parts specifically caused or contributed to the failure. The burden is strictly on the dealer and OEM. With that said, that doesn't...
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    My son works at In-n-Out and is getting an amazing education in employee training and management. He's attending business school at UofA and they actually use In-N-Outs training programs as a course example of how to manage people and ensure consistent processes across a large scale...
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    How are you going to cook your turkey?

    Used to deep fry but have transitioned to smoking... Last year we tried a creole butter injection with some slap your mama rub and it was amazing. The family asked for it again this year.
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    Baja 1000 Honda racing

    thats awesome... Congratulations to him and best of luck.
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    Wife’s New Ride

    Thats a great Burb... Congratulations to her!
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    Buying a home

    We currently live in Tucson and yes the market is inflated at the moment so you "might" take the chance of overpaying if you purchase now. The reality is Tucson is historically a moderate housing market that hasn't been impacted by large value swings up or down so your risk is low in my opinion...
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    Buying a home

    Thats correct... When we lived in Flower Mound, TX we appealed our property tax assessment and had it reduced due to inflated values used by the county. I think the broader issue is total cost of living, even if you swap housing cost 1 to 1, you are still going to see an approximate 25-30%...
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    Cole 250s winter upgrades and repairs

    Thanks for the feedback... I'll be in touch with IMCO soon to discuss a solution.
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    Cole 250s winter upgrades and repairs

    Jim built a great boat. His rigging, gel designs and colors where ahead of their time and top notch. This is our 2nd Cole and they were both TANKS! Heavy layups for sure.
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    $235,000.00 Really?

    yep... There's video out there somewhere of it happening.
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    Neighbors that make you smile

    We frequently have driveway cocktails with our neighbors, bust out the lawn chairs, your favorite drink, have a sit and visit for a while. Two of them lets say work in behavioral health for the Fed Pen system and have the best stories EVER! Love our neighbors
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    Proper send off

    Sorry to hear this... RIP JD
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    Hey LAM. Diesel tow rig #2/ Roadtrip

    Nice truck... Look forward to hearing how it does with the diesel in it.