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    4 seat speed UTV

    All thread or bolt, it doesn't matter. They are basically the same. I have 35 years of welding and metal knowledge in my head. It's my living. They filled a gap with a foreign metal object. That means the fit up was poor and jumping your weld across the missing material was not possible. It's...
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    4 seat speed UTV

    I wonder if the guy that took the bolt/weld picture will be hunted and eliminated. That one picture says a TON about how the company is operating. Regardless if its preproduction or mock up for a show. They are scrambling, if saint robbie cant watch everything like im reading he better hire...
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    4 seat speed UTV

    'They barely made the show'. Sorry guys you are going to miss this desert season. They will get the car right for production, but unless you see 50-100 of these in crates today and ready to ship you will be driving a different utv this season. Missing pieces is not a good sign at time of the...
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    Looking for weed removal in Lake Havasu

    BPracing to the green courtesy phone...
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    The end of an era

    Good news is you get to tug the remaining sperm out 20 times with zero shame. Doctors order, couch, kitchen, her side of the bed....i has to be done
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    Powder coater in San Diego area

    North county powder coating. Tell Lori steve royal sent you. They are in vista on south santa fe. San marcos side
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    Speed Utv Sand Tire's

    You can get them next summer. No rush
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    Who wants a great dog?

    best thread in months.....well done guys
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    Whats up with Ford

    Whats this shortage you speak of....😀 mine with new shoes from lake mead boater I missed the shortage by about a month. Ordered last xmas and it took 6 months. By the time it shipped the shortage was under way and this made it out the door. EDIT, 100K takes it today. full tank, new shoes...
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    hire a expert to ride your ass. 100 is not something most can do alone. Yes its a investment but if your ready your ready. I hired one to lose 30, then covid hit and poof I fucked it up.
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    Desert bash 2021

    I do need a loud horn. Be fun
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    Desert bash 2021

    You do realize its just a poker run and 95% are out for nice cruise. Do you not line up in the 1st group? Maybe get out of the card stops quick to stay out front. I think you like to pass guys, which is fine. But not paying attention to a guy going 20mph faster is actualy your issue not theirs.
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    Desert bash 2021

    Dust last year was minimal. Super windy, dust wasnt bad. We last and lounged at card stop 1.
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    Desert bash 2021

    Becauses theres a trophy with a big dick on it at the finish for winning
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    UTV World Championship Poker Run? Whos going?

    I will be watching Saturday from somewhere