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    Lemoore California Explosion

    fellow pipefitter and welder. RIP. No bladder, typical storage tank. Some type of gases inside. Could be ground methane, numerous things.
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    Thompson bay accident

    not everything....is the key 2 words. Your body has 3 major chemicals. If they dont balance there is no 'mind control' to train it. Cognitive thinking only goes so far.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Pics? Was it on the web zoom thing?
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    Shockwave 26' Cat with 400s

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    Havasu Jobs....

    Tell him riverroyal sent you! 🤪
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    New trucks.....

    Well over 100000 fords. You can find pics online. Kentucky speedway seems to have the most. Bigger problem is dealerships now need to lay off sales force. Nothing to sell. Nothing to bargain on. I will sell my 2021 f150 for 105000. 😀
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    Anyone following this Chelsea Wolfe crap?

    We might have a shim governor soon.
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    Anyone following this Chelsea Wolfe crap?

    Olympics' jumped the shark. Zero reason to watch, zero reason for kids to have a goal to be the best athlete. The romans would not approve
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    Residential HVAC question

    It will help. But to be honest dealing with the builder and letting them cut and patch the ceiling will create more problems. It will look like shit Try one of these. Point the air away from the door. Cold air falls. This will help get the flow further into the room before being sucked out the door
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    F-150 back end a little bouncy after leveling kit install

    Shocks are toast. Fyi, when buying a f150 the FX4 has a 'upgrade' shock. Not great but better. 100 per shock seem cheap to me
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    Havasu Windsor

    With the name 'riddler' on the back?
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    Sean the bunk guy

    I used shadow trailers last December. Excellent service
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    Havasu Windsor

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    Havasu Windsor