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    One bad ass Howard SDS

    @Mikemo_SDS make sense! Also if the carpet gets to bad(which im sure it won’t) have more made take old one out snap new one in. Thanks for the insight. So In my dreams when I order one I’ll make sure to tell them no seadeck haha
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    Interview with the owners of Cheetah @ The Sandbar

    Guy with the hat backwards looks frozen or he doesn’t know what to do with his hands? Haha Congrats to the new owners! Look forward to checking the 22 out one day.
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    One bad ass Howard SDS

    @Mikemo_SDS what would you get? why did you do carpet instead of seadeck? when I saw you at pirates I saw it was you the wife and 2 boys(talked to you as you pushed out). Figure having the boys means carpet would be easier toclean it.
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    Cheetah Shop tour and 22 / 26 wildcat photo shoots!

    That 22 is badass! Only thing i see is the backs of the seats are straight up and down. Would just have them put more of a angle on the boat. Kids and lathe lady like to sit up.
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    One bad ass Howard SDS

    @Mikemo_SDS i wonder the same. both the 40 eliminators sold shortly after being built as well. I think people see they can sell them for money. Don’t think a lot of people use there boat as much as you do. I see a new video of your boat on insta every weekend.
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    Thinking about selling my boat.

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    Cheetah 22ft deck boat

    Would you work on this cheetah or turn the work away?
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    4 seat speed UTV

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    4 seat speed UTV

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    Eliminator Regatta...Who's Going...Worth It?

    i signed up today! i didnt see a deadline but supposedly the price is suppose to increase today?
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    Full size spares! Who has one?

    i think the cut off is 35s? To go in the one under the bed. Just figured I would ask since I see a lot of people with stock tire and 37s on the truck haha
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    Full size spares! Who has one?

    Everyone has a sick lifted truck! with sick wheels and tires. But no one has a match spare under the truck usually just the stock one is under. What do you guys have? both mine do since they are 4x 18 Silverado with 33s has a 33 under 12 Sierra has a match rim and tire under (285) do you guys...
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    Old gas

    @Hallett Dave thanks. I have some of that. But after all the research I did. It’s snake oil. The amount you would need to bring octane up even 1 would cost double of just gettin 100. I throw 100 In my boat every once in a while.
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    @bldrinker doit! HHa
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    What’s wrong the the truck now? Doesn’t fit in the garage now issues?!