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    Fuel on the water between Havasu and Laughlin

    Just turn it off and float back? The current is strong enough to float you back. I usually go up to the last houses passed the bridge turn it off and it floats me back to needles marina.
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    My new to me DCB F26

    @02HoWaRd26 just doit. Don’t tell her. Better to ask for forgiveness the man permission.. family member did a bunch of work to his boat and his wife didn’t invite for 3 trips until she realized why is it so loud now? Then when wiping the boat down she saw the changes she was happy with it haha
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    My Cole then and now

    There’s a boat in this thread? All I see is 2 girls and a speedometer?
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    My new to me DCB F26

    Don’t know if your aware but there’s a trump parade this weekend at mead starts at Hemingway to the dam and back. 1230 on Saturday.
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    My new to me DCB F26

    @702sandman Me too! Needles marina to the sand bar is my favorite don’t care to much for the lake. But mead is so close to us you can’t beat it!
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    M37 Build?

    @Tony DCB Boats was just pointing it out to see if you could explain why? Maybe see how it is mounted. you guys are the ones with high dollar boys while I sit and dream. congrats on the boat! Glad it was a hit.
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    My new to me DCB F26

    @702sandman now that you made the big leagues no more mead?
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    My new to me DCB F26

    So you turned a hallet into a Magic then a magic into a dcb?! Holy crap!!!
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    M37 Build?

    Mount on the steps for the umbrella? It Looks like a spot to lose a toe nail
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    DCB's M37R Grabs LOTO by the Horns Full Write up

    @beaverretriever think the dcb has enough logos in it as is.. no need to put more on it.
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    Boat on fire at the Marina

    I have the hatch open from ready lane to the ramp and all the way down into the water. And blower on for this exact reason. Saw a jet ski blow and have been so scared ever since.
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    Trump Boat Floatilla and Parade Labor Day weekend

    if @getreal has a kickass sound system and that many girls in his program. I don’t understand why the guy was mad about the speakers at 3 dunes... is that tony from dcb boats with the black 450s With white stickers? At Loto one weekend the havasu the next?? Nice!!
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    wtb: lily pad

    Don’t doit it’s a absolute horrible thing to have. Takes up a lot of room and is a hassle.. ha I got one and hardly ever take it.
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    Holy Grail Hallett 270 - Starting the Project

    Why in the hell would you ever sell this thing! This thing is amazing! Holy grail is the correct name for this boat!
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    Looking for a Howard Deck or SCS/SDS

    I was gonna post that one in here to you beat me too it. Never understand how people suck at taking pictures. And with phones cameras now why are they so crappy?