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    2001 Mercury 300x powerhead Price drop

    this is the later model
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    2001 Mercury 300x powerhead Price drop

    no just powerhead
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    2001 Mercury 300x powerhead Price drop

    Price drop 5500k OBO
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    Havasu This Weekend (1/13-1/17)

    Never been to the bunker bar, but have gone to topok and oatman from havasu a few times, have been desert offroading my entire life, just gonna cruise up with my wife
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    Havasu This Weekend (1/13-1/17)

    Ill be out there gonna head to the bunker bar on SAT
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    2001 Mercury 300x powerhead Price drop

    Complete powerhead was on twin cat, upgrading motors one sold already, runs perfect, still on boat for the next couple weeks, aprox 700hrs willing to ship on your dime, $5500 OBO. Jonathan 951-520-3002, will post pics in the next few days,
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    Glamis - New Years

    Ill be rolling out the 26th early will probably be in wash 14 like last year it wasnt bad that far down
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    36v. Golf cart charging?

    Why not buy the correct charger and be done or repair the one you have now
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    The Outboard Church

    Desert Storm this year take me back
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    Where do you get your American flags?

    Johns Flags and Poles in riverside, good little mom and pop shop
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    Crazy Horse

    Im sure this has been talked about, but thought I would ask anyway, seeing how the Housing market is so damn high right now we are looking at putting the rv at a sight for the summer instead, what are the pros and cons of crazy horse, is there parking next to rv for your boat? and if so can you...
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    Desert Storm in Photo's

    This is from friday
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    Desert Storm in Photo's

    not really it was black or dark grey, I was more focused on driving
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    Desert Storm in Photo's

    Hey @RiverDave I wanted to see if you knew the different helicopters flying on that Saturday, we were coming back threw the main basin at a good pace and the heli was flying next to us, wanted to see if there were any pics or video