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    So.... I did a thing

    We all laughed at him when he did it because we said those pace cars were never going to be worth anything, amazingly a friend of mine looked at the cars at the end of last year and he said they were still in amazingly new condition still sitting on jack stands inside his climate controlled...
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    So.... I did a thing

    I know a guy who bought a bunch of these brand new in 1978 and warehoused all of them ,still has them parked to this day
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    Fuck me. **boating content** 😕

    Damn that sucks,so sorry to see this.
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    Ford V10 cold start issue?

    He has a vacuum leak
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    Insane cigarette 2022 Launch party

    Wtf is wrong with people, that's just gross
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    Name the car game

    Franklin had wood chassis and were air cooled
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    Talk about claustrophobia..

    Thanks for sharing, that was amazing
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    Raymond Beadle

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    Road Runner (The Bird)

    Beep Beep
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    Pep Boys no more parts??

    Because at first they thought they could compete with the local wholesale distributors on parts that's why they changed there stores a few years ago and expanded the parts side of it ,everyone in the business knew it wasn't going to work because none of us were going to purchase anything from...
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    Pep Boys no more parts??

    Who ever is in charge of pepboys is a complete dipshit!
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    1989 CRUSADER

    I love those late 80's early 90's interiors, boat looks like it's going to be fun,enjoy.
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    What say you? What is the best vintage of a west coast performance boat?

    Make your life easy commit to a 27' Hallet you'll be happy you did .Cadillac of boats
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    Kid Rock is back!!

    FNA That song is my life's mantra since the day I crawled out of the incubator that made me and it will be tell the day I die ! Kid Rock so gets it ,hell he's willing to throw down at 3 am in a waffle house ! Doesn't get any better than that.