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    Adventures of the Jet Botë

    He said "you still have some sort of problem, because my similar setup with inferior parts and less HP is faster". Have you put a straight edge on it and checked for a hook? Sometimes hulls can sag and create one, even if it was not cast into the mold for some reason or the other (to cure a hop...
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    Adventures of the Jet Botë

    He's playing with the diverter...trying to find the sweet spot,,,the manual only has select positions, not like the hydraulic version where you can fine tune it even more.
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    Math Joke

    After doing long division you'd get as an 8th grader "solve for X" ....huh? 😝 She should win the first place prize for that one!
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    If Regor was a Black Female Conservative

    She turned out great though right? She shoots, has a mind of her own....where did you fail?
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    Colby Gets a Call

    HAHA BLM faggot got his ass WHOOPED.! 😝 Fuck you Dana....looks like I am going to have to let go of UFC too if they are allowing that bullshit.
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    Little tough motherfuckers riding pissed off bulls the size of VW Bugs.....I love the PBR! Always the best show of the year here during Fiesta! 🤘
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    If Regor was a Black Female Conservative

    That is the weirdest part of all this crap...it's mostly younger white people?!?!!? If you hate yourself so much, move to fucking Africa , but leave the rest of us alone please...for your own safety.
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    Yea....70k or whatever for a 1911 (granted it is exquisite in design and construction)....I just don't see that kind of value in it personally. I am sure there is a waiting list for them in this media fueled age. That's what makes America great however, you can build and do almost ANYTHING!
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

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    Friday Night Antifa Smackdown

    That was hilarious!
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    That's bad ass! As always, thanks for sharing Wheeler!
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    Oh I agree they are works of art, the rigging is drool worthy haha! I have built enough customs of my own as far as hot rods/resto mods for clients, I know the feeling. There are enough out there that he'll have no issues finding what he wants, unless it is a new hull from them...
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    Jesse James looking for a Schiada

    Lots of Schiada's have been heavily modified, nothing wrong or sacrilegious about doing whatever you want with your own hull. I know of several boats that have modded hulls/strakes etc, never seen a peep out of the members here about it. When you SELL a product, once it is out of his hands...
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    The Party of Tolerance

    They just keep digging a deeper hole. They truly have no idea what's coming if this kind of shit continues.
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    hahahaha F'ing Cheating Scum

    They don't give a shit because they are going to cheat.....why waste money on it?