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    Trump speech

    I wish I could give you a million likes for this.
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    Hey bobby the bitch. Go ahead and fuck yourself you fucking pussy. All you do is talk shit, you never post anything with any information, you chime in and insult people constantly...you are the literal poster child for an internet keyboard warrior. Limiting a person's drink size? That is...
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    OK! Which one of you Magnificent Bastards did this?

    Anyone notice that in every damn video for any recent democrap candidate, there are less than 100 people in frame? Judging by the venue size shown, there are probably less than a few hundred people there for any of them. How the fuck is the media showing any sort of popularity at all>? Spin...
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    That piano must be exhausted after this guy finished playing.

    Amazing. Guy was on FIRE! 🎆🎆🎆
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    Simi area inmate's, kids need help

    That's just wrong. Someone should hang for that bullshit. Where are young children supposed to exercise if they keep selling off the allotted properties? And they wonder why child gangs/vandalism/graffiti/violence is at an all time high....😞
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    6 Months...

    Show them how to have fun young, it will last a lifetime!
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    Getting old got worse........

    Get well soon OT!
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    Oh the joys of being the boss

    Haha! Firing a corporate employee...paper work and they clean out their desk, get walked out by security if they did something bad enough. Fire someone in my world, you have to inspect their tools at gunpoint usually, to make sure they are not stealing from you or the other mechanics. Wait...
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    So what should I ask for this??

    Looks clean, $1500 or so is where I'd put it.
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    This doesn't seem inclusive

    Those 2 dudes need to look like Ken before they should be allowed to compete....and wait a year or two for their "gender assignment" to take. Fucking cheating bitches. Seriously, they are teenagers....just fucking sad. Children should not be making those decisions at that age IMO.
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    Hey Robert...

    They were always can-bus Joe. Are you asking when they started with the CCM/CCC/MOST crap? I guess it would have been 06 when I-Drive came around in the X5? So E70 in 2006?
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    If you know...

    Cool write up on the history of the "Cammer". Like everything else good in hot rodding, it came around because of racing...;) https://www.macsmotorcitygarage.com/cammer-the-real-story-of-the-legendary-ford-427-sohc-v8/
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    Anyone else have brooms standing up by themselves??

    Come on now, it was fun for 15 min......
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    The first General Lee....Lee 1

    She's really hot, but she's not CB Hot.....
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    I wonder how this guy ended up on FBI 10 most wanted but Tim McDonald didn’t

    It's all about who you rip off...this guy must have gouged a higher shark. Same old, you only get "justice" if you can pay for it.....