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    Please have faith be patient!!

    You are a fucking pathetic piece of shit bobby. Keep your bullshit far away from Veterans, they deserve nothing but respect.
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    Carter Page lawsuit

    I want my tax dollars spent on America. Rewarding people who expose massive government corruption aimed about collecting wealth and power, with wealth? I guess if you feel they would use that money to pursue a challenge to the corrupt .gov then I'm for it.
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    Carter Page lawsuit

    Every cent of the taxpayers money? You are aware that is our money right? We should be allowed to go after their personal assets.
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    How should I spend my $1000 winnings?

    I vote for Ammo, trip out with the family somewhere fun, share the winning!
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    GM P0402 Engine Code

    EGR Valve is sticking. Take it off and clean it then check operation of it.
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    Biden's gun plan per news this am...

    I think the majority of Patriotic Americans feel exactly like you do, I got a life to live, no swap of regime has ever really impacted my life before, why would this time be any different? Someone else will deal with it, and I'll watch it on the news. Everyone waiting for someone else to stand...
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    Something You’re Thankful For

    Fuck off and die cunt.
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    OK...I will say it

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Something You’re Thankful For

    I am thankful for this beautiful country we call home, America! I am thankful we had founders who had supernatural intelligence and forsight to plan for this exact scenario, when government has grown and decayed into a massively corrupt political cesspool where "ruling" is their goal, instead...
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    George Carlin was a prophet

    Amen. He was so so much more aware of shit than 99% of the public.
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    EFI to carbureted

    The stuff from 2010 or so (depending on manuf and system) does have fuel pressure sensors, but mostly in direct injection systems that work from 3-8kPSI pressure. Anything below around that age does not have any monitoring of fuel pressure.
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    Auto insurance ... what companies don’t suck?

    I have had AAA (both auto/renters and the roadside) for 32 years, through several claims, never had anything but easy street. You pay through the nose for it, but they do their job when it's time to as far as my experience has been with them.
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    Any Jeep YJ Experts Out There? Dana 35 C leaking from the yoke nut.

    Make sure you DO NOT replace the crush sleeve if you are going to use the 3 marks method. Replacing the sleeve will require you to reset the pinion depth and preload on the bearing. That is what the crush sleeve is for. It is a lengthy procedure to install a new crush sleeve properly, if you...
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    46 years together today

    Congrats Tom and Rhonda!
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    EFI to carbureted

    It also won't tell you about a plugged cat, a dropped/burnt valve, bad driver in the ECU or many more scenarios.... Most people think it tells techs what to do, it only suggests the general area where it's limited logic is having a problem.