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    Septic Repair in Riverside

    A house full of girls..... 5 bathrooms
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    Septic Repair in Riverside

    Yup, amazingly simple.
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    Dead heading

    This thread brought back some memories of our “traveling circus”. We would race Pomona, then Monday morning hit the road for the Orlando points race the next weekend. We would then leave Florida and head back west for the national event in Phoenix the following weekend. After Phoenix, we’d head...
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    Dead heading

    Myself and a co-worker/teammate left the shop in Ontario and made it to Richmond Virginia for a race in approx 43 hours. I believe we slept a few hours in Amarillo. We were in our early 20’s and beer, pussy, and race cars were all we thought about. We always tried to maximize our time with all...
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    Can't help but think about the inflation and something has to give

    I had a conversation with a friend that manages a large portfolio of apartments. She was saying that a whole lot of tenants didn’t pay rent during Covid and then used that rent money as a down payment on a house and walked. I don’t knows how true that is but it sounds feasible.
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    "Chrome" Powder Coat

    I had several parts on my race car done with it. The parachute mounts came out really nice. It was solid round bar that was machined and pinned in behind the license plate, right above the chrome bumper. I also did the battery mounts. They were ok, not as shiny. They were made out of solid...
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    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    This is the truth. My department had only 300 something applicants for the next academy/tower in July. I wasnt totally shocked by that because there’s other departments that pay more and we require a paramedic license. But when I heard that Ontario only had 300 something also, I was blown away...
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    Need a Tile Guy willing to come over to The Landing

    You can try Jay Hudson- All Surfaces Flooring: 909-645-2632. He did my whole house. He has a place in Big River. He’s always busy, cant promise he’ll be interested but worth a shot.
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    Anyone have Pole Barn style RV cover plans they want to pass around?

    Try the garage journal forum If you don’t get one here
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    Pro Tip

    Or a smudge pot and burn it. I just made 23 quarts of heating oil for mine.
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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    I was told a couple months ago that Shoemaker will do a bare hull for $16k-ish. *** Dont hold me to that, the guy that bought my Daytona told me this***
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    Ascot Raceway

    This! My brother and I would wear safety goggles and sit near the front and see how much clay wound stick to us. I remember many good times there with my parents
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    Body Scan International: Who’s done it?

    I think Orange County Fire and Chino Fire offer it to their employees. I think in a Safety Position it would definitely help minimize an otherwise huge comp claim since cardiac and cancer is presumptive.
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    I couldn’t agree more. Watching the untrained safety crew was really upsetting. As much as I cant stand the NHRA, their Safety Safari is probably some of the best out there.
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    Warm day, babies are out and about

    It really does work. It usually takes several classes for them to retain it though. My dog is pretty squared away but I still take her to the classes to support the local horse club that puts on the classes. I also get the vaccine for her too.