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    Pure Gas - Ethanol Free

    I just bought some 100 octane leaded the other day at Downs in Temecula. I rather have unleaded for my saws and wackers. I usually stockpile it through the summer from Parker oil, but I didn’t go to the river this season. My next attempt will be av gas from French Valley.
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    Fire in cherry valley.

    I’m surprised you got any days off. I’ve been off for 9 days and go back Monday also. I’m Expecting the force hire phone call Wednesday night. We have 10 engines there, and I’m guessing the OES engines too
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    California Resident Question - following the rules or not

    I had a real similar response from a Riverside County DA
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    *Braintrust* residential water softeners / whole house filter

    My plans had multiple tankless heaters initially. My ”construction advisor” told me to shit can them. With the recirculator and low flow heads, we don’t have a hot water issue- even with a house full of girls.
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    *Braintrust* residential water softeners / whole house filter

    Shit can the tankless 🤷‍♂️ /thread
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    Another bad ass Cat I ran across on my adventure today - Eliminator!

    1994. Originally an outboard that was converted to a jet. New gel and interior. Trailer all redone with new bunks, paint, leds, swing away. 1 new custom fuel tank. Capped front and back. Engine is 468”- Dart block, Brodix heads, CP pistons, Bullet Cam, morel .904 lifters, GT45 turbos, custom...
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    VP Gas Station Parker

    At the end of the summer, I usually buy an off seasons worth Of ethanol free fuel from Parker Oil for all my saws/wackers & I've never had an issue. now we just need E85 in Parker ;)
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    Another bad ass Cat I ran across on my adventure today - Eliminator!

    I have one that I’m getting really close to selling. My girls start their first year of competition dance so we’re changing up our summer activities next year.
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    HB, NB, CM, FV going off, Fourth of July, 2020

    You ain’t seen anything until you see Adelanto. its a warzone before and then 4 th of July happens
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    Evergreen nursery oceanside

    I’ll have to check it out. I went to 7 Oaks nursery in Corona today. 50% off sale all weekend.
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    More dumb CA crap... I have to smuggle in a garage door opener.

    I built half my house that way!
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    RECALL GAVIN PETITION!!! Post up your locations when you hear about them.

    Long Beach- Today: 2270 N bellflower 3-6pm Friday: TraderJoes 2280 N bellflower San Clement- 101 W. Avenida Vista Hermosa (outlets) By H&M & the Theater- Saturdays 9-11 am Laguna Beach- July 4: Heisler Park, 375 Cliff dr, 10-2pm Huntington Beach- Permanant Location...
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    Pros and cons of E85 fuel

    Love E85. I've never had any issues with it. I use it so I dont have to plumb an intercooler. It has better range than Methanol! and if I really needed to, I could put reg gas in it If I got stuck. It took me a bit to get the engine temp figured out for the tuneup.
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    Our house is done enough that I got the go ahead to build the shop. A little more grading, retaining walls, and drainage, then we’ll get the walls going up.
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    Well its official

    That’s awesome. Tell him to play nice with the FD guys! The relationship hasn’t always been the best between us (both sides to blame). Maybe I’ll see him when I work some OT out there.