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    No words...

    Yep, and it's a brand new Dairy Queen to boot....
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    HEY LAM- I bought me a boat!

    Congratulations Mike!
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    Boat Captain job at Fishers Landing, Lake Martinez, Az

    Glad to see them get the boats back up and running.....
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    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    Uhmmm..... Unless I am mistaken, the border crossing closed at 2pm...... https://sanidentalgroup.com/los-algodones-border
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    You fuck her.... :)
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    Lower River Run Warm-Up

    Joe, I'm lost.... I walked up to your boat on Saturday and asked a bunch of people around it "where's Joe?". Nobody knew Joe. Some guy said he just bought the boat last week????? Where were you?
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    lucky mofo 50 cal

    Wow that is insane.... Guy has a great attitude. I just ordered one of his shirts.....
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    ProMariner on-board charger failed, What the hell!

    I run Optima Blue tops in both of my boats, and they both have ProMariner 2 bank chargers in them. One boat for probably 7 years and the other for about 5. No issues so far.....
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    Employees....You just can't make this stuff up.

    37 years ago, when I started my career, I had a coworker who just didn't show up for 3 or 4 days. When she finally returned to work, the boss asked her where she had been. Her response.... I couldn't come into work because I was invisible....... :)
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    Don't Ever Take An Agorophobic Alcoholic...

    Agorophobic...... Had to look that up... Learned something new today... :)
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    Miami trip

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!!! :)
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    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    Scouts..... Red ---> '65 (Still have) Silver ---> '71 (Sold a couple years back)
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    Boat trailer TPMS

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    Guns & Ammo section ???

    I had requested as well and still do not have access.....
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    18+ lounge?

    @RiverDave, please add me to the G&A forum.