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    Pure Gas - Ethanol Free

    Where can you buy 100 avgas in Bullhead/Laughlin? Unlike LHC, last time I asked, you can't fill up your boat at the Bullhead airport
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    Thompson bay accident

    Do you have a preference/recommendation when it comes to throw bags?
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    Thompson bay accident

    Other than a typical throw cushion with a retrieving line tied to it, does anyone know of a better throwable device? If its windy, that throw cushion will catch the wind like a sail in mid-flight and most likely land nowhere close to the victim you are aiming at. I have seen the throwable...
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    Parker- Boat Fire

    I have a Fireboy halon automatic fire extinguisher in my engine compartment along with a regular ABC type portable extinguisher onboard(and I run my blower and sniff for fumes before turning the key). But I can't imagine the automatic Fireboy system would do much good in an explosion such as...
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    Question on 36 Bullet

    The Howard website has them.
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    California Population Decline

    I want to move an unassembled pool table from my house in CA to my son's in TX. I got a 1-way quote of $700 from Uhaul for a 4'x8' box trailer!!! (They give you 7 days). It's $20/day for a round trip rental!
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    Homeowners Insurance **Lake Arrowhead**

    We have a 2nd home in Big Bear Lake as well. We are with American Security Insurance (877/893-5739)
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    AV gas on north side of Havasu / who has it with long hoses

    The LHC airport is so convenient for AVgas in LHC. Obviously excellent quality, good prices and outstanding customer service. Where do you get AVgas for your boat when in Bullhead City (Lake Mohave) or Boulder/Henderson (Lake Mead)? I inquired at the Bullhead City airport a few years ago but...
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    New Campbell Cove Gas Pumps

    Get a Howard Bullet. Single belly tank with fuel fills on both port and starboard. I don't know why all "V" bottom manufacturers with belly fuel tanks don't design them this way.
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    I'll just leave this here.

    "Brand new motor and interior". So now we know "the rest of the story" and what happened 5 minutes after that photo was taken. :oops:
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    What happened to Boaters helping Boaters

    Not sure if every BoatUS member is aware of this, but even if they have no towing service on a particular lake, if you contact them they will assist finding an alternative towing service and reimburse you for the tow. This is copied directly from the BoatUS website's Q&A: "In areas where...
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    Getting on with and LIVING LIFE

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    08’ DCB F26

    Sorry, Sorry, I was under the impression grip was leather. Looks great regardless!
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    08’ DCB F26

    I agree. The white leather on the Isotta steering wheel with the polished spokes looks fantastic! My question for those that have the white leather is how easy are they to keep clean and maintain? I always seem to have oil or grease residue on my hands from food, chips, sunscreen, checking...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    My wife and I (66 and 65) both received our 2nd Pfizer shot last Friday. Other than the typical slightly sore arm, neither one of us had any other side effects from the 1st or 2nd injection. We did drink lots of water both before and after receiving our shots.