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    Magic JL Audio 300/4v2 Amp Issue

    Awesome thanks!!! I appreciate the response!!!
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    Magic JL Audio 300/4v2 Amp Issue

    did you send your amps directly to JL?
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    Funny quiz. Which government most closely matches your political views?

    I got the red white and blue... here
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    Super soakers in the channel

    Was out last weekend passing thought the channel with my wife and two year old. We were passing a boat and my daughter in her half broken language said she wanted to be sprayed. I said whatever shes my princess but a big shout out to the people in the other boat for getting my daughter wet in a...
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    91 ethanol free gas in bullhead?

    Hey inmates quick question for yall. Anyone know where to get 91 octane or higher ethanol free gas in bullhead laughlin or needles besides bullhead airport and the drive through mini mart that sells race fuel. Thanks
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    RDP HQ is officially open!

    Looks good!!! Congrats!!! Ill have to stop by next time im in Havi and grab some swag and introduce myself. Congrats again, Stoked for you both!!!
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    High desert life?

    I would definitely factor in the commute!!! I love it in the HD buttttttt the commute down the hill gets worse every day. Like firemanjoe said its like anywhere else you have your good areas and your shit holes. I would stay around the oakhills hesperia area or apple valley area. but if ya have...
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    Out With The Old, In With The New!

    Such a beautiful boat and awesome layout!!! So stoked for you and your family!!! Thats going to be my retirement present to myself!! Now only 17 more years to go lol.
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    Annual Easter Weekend at Jerry’s

    So want to be you right now!!
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    Partys Here!

    Welcome to the shit show!!! If ya see us come say hello!!! Our magic is the one in my pic.
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    Mountain Bike Slasher.....

    no no they are called free range humans
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    Abra Cadabra... Magic Coming Soon!

    RD what shops do you recommend? I might be in the market to sell my Magic
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    I used to love norco until eastvail came along and the peps from orange county now there's more people then animals was time to move on
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    Boating season

    will do brother!!!! Hit me up you still have my number?
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    Boating season

    Its all good brother!!! How bout ya?