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    Shipping a Fire Extinguisher to Hawaii

    The state you're thinking of is the United States of America. The FAA is a Federal agency. I don't have the complete set of FAA rules and regulations in front of me, but I'm sure rules regarding shipping pressurized fire extinguishers is in there somewhere.
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    Don Shipley stolen valore videos

    Not to mention, look how out of whack the alignment of that rack is. No self respecting military man would ever where their rack like that. I mean not one of those rows lines up with the next. Terrible.
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    Selling a AZ registered car in Calif, what do I need to know?

    And as the seller I believe you are responsible for a CA smog within 90 days and I don't think it matters that the car isn't currently registered here.
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    Camping with Keurig. Everyone has a story.

    I love your granite.
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    My wife asked me the same thing when I told her. I said to the best of my knowledge, I never observed anything that would make me think so. I'm pretty straight laced myself so I think people tend to hide it from me and I never really know for sure.
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    Odd coincidence, I was getting gas at the Chevron on Jefferson the other day (the one across from the Del Taco) and on the other side of the pump from me was Chris. I just caught a glimpse of him when he was getting in his truck and leaving. I actually didn't know Chris that well, but I know...
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    I've known Adam for years first as a long time customer and then I had the pleasure of working for him. I still remember that time of my life very fondly, every day at WFS was a new challenge but we all worked together to get the job done. Even though it was only stereos, there was a real...
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    No Name dead at 81

    In the hopes that people will actually want to proceed with facts rather than learning about things through fake emails and facebook posts. https://www.factcheck.org/2008/09/mccains-plane-crashes/...
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    Future of kodi sbmc firestick magic boxes etc

    If you watch something online WITHOUT PAYING FOR THAT CONTENT (not paying for internet service or paying for the third party pirating App that allows you to stream it), via streaming or downloading it, that's access is monetized, be it cable TV, DirecTV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, theater...
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    Water front houses

    It's a common misconception that those two things can exist with each other. They can't. At 110*, even 50% humidity creates a heat index of 151*. Heat index is when they say it "feels like" a temperature when it's another temperature. At 110*, a more common humidity level would be 20-25%...
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    I hope none of you ever has to look down the barrel of a weapon and take a life. It's not as easy as you think it is. That being said, if it were me, I would yell down the stairs that I'm armed and I've called 911. I already have a position of advantage unless you're planning on burning...
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    Health Care Costs

    No need to bother an attorney. California is not a common law marriage state. Common misconception. Like many other things in this thread.
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    Craftsman vs Husky ToolBox

    I have two of those bottoms in my garage. Bought them when they were doing a sale for $299 each. Really nice quality. They have electric and hold Milwaukee chargers on the side as well.
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    Google Maps....hitting too close

    When I was in the Marine Corps, I lived on Kainehe Street in Kailua.
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    UPS dispute

    There are certain items which can't be charged back on a credit card. Hotel rooms, airfare, and, wait for it, shipping costs. It's typically service items where no tangible product is exchanged for payment. So, going to your credit card company is a waste of time. That being said, no, nobody...