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    Big O Tires - Anaheim (Thanks LakeMeadBoater)

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Brandon (LakeMeadBoater) for his help yesterday. I've seen all the recommendations for him here, and had a last minute issue yesterday and went to his shop for the first time. He got me taken care of and very happy with all that was done. While waiting, met...
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    1986 Hallett Vector: Anybody recognize this boat?

    Finally found some pictures from back in the day... The 2nd picture of it getting launched is at the Water Ski Racing World Championships in Australia.
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    1998 Carson Brummett 21. Twin Turbo EFI Brummett V-Drive. Must See!!!

    With this being a 98, I assume this is the last Brummett hull built?
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    I’m a shitty golfer...

    Do you mean Arrowhead Country Club in San Bernardino at the bottom of the hill? If so, no. I heard it is public now and a friend played awhile ago there and said it wasn't in good shape. If you mean Lake Arrowhead Country Club, then yes, have played recently. In great shape!
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    1986 Hallett Vector: Anybody recognize this boat?

    Really blurry picture, but I am almost positive your boat was likely one of Ron Tesarski's (Custom Canvas in Montclair) #600 boats. It is the top left in this picture which is hard to see. I know one of his was overseas in Great Britain for awhile as I had seen a picture of it still with the...
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    10er rebuild

    Looks like you have another 10'er in the background of one of the pics? Another project?
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    21 Rayson crafts new life

    My Dad enjoyed having Ernie Earl in the boat. He pulled Ken Wilcoxson several times with Ernie. My Dad still says Ernie taught him a lot when first got his Schiada in 84. Sorry for the side track. Awesome to see this Rayson all re-done. I remember it when Sam had it "The Real Thing" and...
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    What's the latest on Solar????

    We went with Andy at Palomar 5 years ago. Couldn't ask for a better experience and we are in Corona also. We have a funky roof situation and they maximized the usable space and did clean work. I can only imagine what our situation would have looked like had we gone with a sub par company. We...
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    California Boaters Card Starting 2018

    Like most, I think this boaters card is ridiculous. But my parents have a place in Lake Arrowhead where you are required to have a license, and can't take that test, or renew without this stupid boaters card. So my Wife, Son, and I all need to do it. Any suggestions for 3 people to get it...
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    Chevy or GMC dealer recommendation

    Jason Holley at Selman Chevy in Orange is a member here. Bought 2 vehicles from him and both deals were great.
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    Boat Name Help

    "Pair-a-Legals" since you are both Lawyers, and yes I know Paralegals aren't lawyers. I knew 2 Dr's that were partners on a Yacht, forget exactly how they spelled it, but it was "Pair-a-Docs" or a version thereof.
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    Those Biden fuel prices

    $3.89 at the Chevron by my house in Corona. $3.29 at Sam's Club and saved $15 on one tank. Probably $5 by Memorial Day.
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    Garage Air Compressor Recommendations

    Looking for a convenient air compressor in the garage at the river. What is everyone using? Primary usage is for RZR tires, trailer tires, truck tires, and inflatables. Looking for something small, AC power option, and "relatively quiet". Thanks.
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    Look for a Metal fence install in Parker AZ

    I believe our gates were done by Shaffer Welding originally by the original owner. I had some work done on our driveway gate and pretty sure that is who we used for some additional work. I don't have the paperwork with me in Parker, but think it was Shaffer and was happy with the work. They...
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    Parker Dinner Recommendations please

    Are you saying Big Bend Restaurant and Bar just closed?