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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    More work pics - a positive note

    wow. this thread is bad ass!
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Caption this

    Prices went up a bit since June! That's in Bridgeport, Ca if I'm not mistaken... Turn off to go to twin lakes and mono. I took a similar picture, this was in June!
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    Date night in Temecula

    If you want a legit over nighter or weekend, give this some serious thought. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/24995733?adults=1&guests=1&s=42&unique_share_id=d03efaf7-fb3a-4282-810a-ec59b6ea3cbd&_branch_match_id=924363119333354984&source_impression_id=p3_1628480338_txw0iixwcUMuhO%2BH It's a winery...
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    Fuck me. Just not right. We're the US and some of the best health care you can get and this is the best we can do.... 😖😥
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    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    This is horrible, sad, and a very unfortunate situation to be in...I don't how to help other than to send prayers. My heart goes out to everyone involved. I keep opening the thread hoping for good news. Awful. Makes me sick to think this could be my family member or loved one in need. Tragic. I...
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    rdp hats - huishlisa and friends

    Exactly! God Bless America!
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    2021 Catalina Ski Race Live Feed

    4 the overall is my best finish. We fought hard to catch Mason and I some how found something deep in me to get around him and finish hard. My crew was incredible and a class act
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    Catalina Ski Race entry list

    Yes, I was changing Mason all the way to the island and then caught him about half way back then had to dig DEEP to get some them. It was a great race, great battle. That kid can fricken ski! Congrats to them! We ended up 4th overall
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    Catalina ski race

    Looks like we're right at 30 entries! Looks like some fun racing tomorrow!
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    Catalina ski race

    That's my ride! coming out of Phoenix!
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    Catalina ski race

    @Ragged Edge to the white courtesy phone please... I'm hoping at least 30... with the other Countries' travel restrictions still in effect, there won't be any international skiers... Skiracr - Senior Men (30-44) Boat 687 - 36' Apache Skier Brian Samaniego Driver Ryan Sharman...
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    Aerospace grade Andy Clark / Maheraja waterski....

    Wow. The talent of people on RDP is absolutely mind blowing. I have skied pretty much all my life and that thing is about as bad ass as they come. I would love to hear how it handles and once it's fine tuned.... I'd be a buyer. Did I mention that ski is sick as fuck!