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    [WTS] Texas chopper

    Damn. I can't believe this bike isn't gone yet. I'm thinking it's time to learn how to ride... Lol
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    A real Jet Bote! 😎 I wonder how loud it is while cruising vs running hard
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    Doge coin

    I'm in on it.... I got in a few years ago when it was below .01... As a joke.... Loving it now! I hope they're right on the projection but that seems a little far out.
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    Who's got the best price for tires in OC?

    OC is quite long and spread out... What part of OC? I use a friend of the family in Mission Viejo. Bymar Tire, family owned. May not be the cheapest, but he's honest, fair, and takes care of his customers. To me that's more important than just the cheapest. Edit: looks like there's a member on...
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    Caption this...

    Ok I'll do it... Have they tried a different prop?
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    Could not be more proud.!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 America..!!!

    May God Bless your daughter and keep her safe. Thank you for your service!
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    Easter dinner....

    Very nice! Edit: Just read it was your own home grown... Fantastic! I hope to be able to do this one day. We normally smoke a turkey and a ham but we went a different route this year... Steak kabobs and stuffed scallops!
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    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    those weren't mine... i just googled Havasu spring break 2000 and those popped up. Although I have been there when its been like that.....to be young and dumb again....
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    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    19-22+ yr old me, yeah I thought it was the best thing and "I'll do this forever"... Today the 38 yr old with a family me... Happy to have had the fun times and lived through it, but I prefer a quiet mellow cove now. I get it.
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    Havasu Spring Break - Fizzled?

    Epic times for sure...
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    Terrible Herbst Catalina Ski Race Vid by Monster Energy

    This is a great one too they did... little bit longer but shows the race a bit more... from 2010
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    [SOLD] SOLD: Coors Light Dart Board

    PM Sent I can give it a great home! I'm in Fullerton
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    Aaron Lewis Fans - New Song

    My wife and I are huge Aaron Lewis fans..his music is amazing This is his newest creation, so new it doesn't have a name yet and was performed live. I'm pretty sure 99% of the crowd here will enjoy it... I love it...
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    Any metallurgists aboard this ship?

    No shit. I haven't the slightest clue wtf is being said but it definitely has my attention. Pretty interesting to my simple minded self.
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    So someone want to explain to me how this happens

    if it ain't broke, don't fix it....carry on Sir, carry on!!! err party on!!!