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    Looks like BLM Season could be in jeopardy - err MLB

    I didn't know that about Brees, I just saw the initial interview where he talked about his dad. Thanks for the lesson. Sad that he changed his stance, even after his father fought for this great country and our flag in the military. Disgraceful. Stupid. Fuck.
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    Looks like BLM Season could be in jeopardy - err MLB

    I agree 1000%. Complete bull shit. I'm at the point where I have written off the NFL and now the MLB. After the Houston cheating scandal I lost all Faith in that sport. You basically said it's ok to cheat kids, nothing will happen to you. Management and up should've been banned for life and the...
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    Rumors are 25-30
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    It's a go! Most teams will be out there about 845, with a 900 start. I had to cancel due to work conflicts... Which sucks. Dave Chandler will be skiing in my place behind the 21' lab sport #222.
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    Mean as f&$@!!

    I saw this thread pop up and was scared to open it... damn. Sorry to hear about your pup, they become an extension of your children....almost as if they were another limb. It is a difficult decision at a difficult time. Seems like you are going in the right direction. Your Kids will remember...
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    PSA... Ortega HWY CLOSED - Brush Fire

    3-5 acres, forward progress stopped....lots of mop up. Crews made a great stop with lots of aircraft
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    PSA... Ortega HWY CLOSED - Brush Fire

    Brush Fire Burning off the Ortega HWY near the Nichols Institute. Ortega is shut down. Plan a different way home!!!
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    from a few years back but its a good watch...
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    Yes sir! Depending on the boat and skiers ability of course. Todd has completed the race in a hair over 45 minutes behind a 43 foot Nordic....62 miles.... Across the open ocean.... That's about a 79mph average. He runs about a 200+ foot line. That year I believe he crossed the finish line right...
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    Our Flag

    Every time I listen to this I get chills...
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    Proud to be an american

    Even if it was already posted, you’d get a pass! So great, so special for our troops! Thank you for posting. God bless the USA!
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    Air Show Washington

    I loved every minute of it. From the showing of air superiority, to his executive order of a new monument/memorial. God bless America and the most recognizable symbol of freedom in the world. The flag of the United States of America.
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    What are you listening to on America's birthday?

    Patriotic Country on Pandora for us. 4th of July! kid rock, Ray Charles, Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith, Eric church, Alan Jackson, and many others. Doesn't get more patriotic than that!
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    Trump speaking at Mt Rushmore

    No. None of them. Disgusting. Should have been on every channel! This morning CNN (Clinton news network), absolutely tore his speech apart taking it way out of context. After watching and listening to his speech and then reading their far left take on it was truly disturbing how they can make...
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    Happy 4th of July!! Flag pics.

    Flying 24/7 lit up at night!