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    Pro Tip

    If you live in town you can just pour it in the storm drain.
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    Roomba went rogue ??

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    Masters Week.

    Funny how quickly your fortunes can change on the golf course.
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    Masters Week.

    Could be, they said each member received 4 tickets and the players 3. Or vice-a-versa, the discussion was about the small gallery and how quiet they had been on Thursday.
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    Masters Week.

    Schauffele is making a move.
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    Masters Week.

    Only members and players got tickets to use, so no general public. At least that's what they said on the radio on Friday.
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    Masters Week.

    The wind isn't helping either.
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    Masters Week.

    All the rain yesterday softened up the greens. They are all hitting some impressive approach shots.
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    Masters Week.

    I was thinking he looks more like Danny in Caddy Shack.
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    Brief Car Story, Lucky Find In the 60's

    There was a time that used Ferrari's we're just old Italian cars. It's not like the country is known for making reliable transportation. We are probably very lucky the car didn't end up in the scrap yard. It is nice to hear of an owner that simply enjoys the vehicle instead of looking upon it...
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    How P&G posting works a user guide

    What a bunch of bullshit. :D
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    I never understood the draw of the Mustang to begin with...
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    Totally in awe...

    Looks like an easy way to loose a finger or two. Watching a good rig hand is a pleasure.
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    Oh shit a new AFT guy!??

    I don't think there is any duty on Senators to acknowlege a conflict of interest or recuse themselves if there were. Pretty transparent though to pick this guy when Mark Giffords is a sitting Senator.
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    George Floyd

    My money is on a hung jury with no decision. It's the easy way out for those sitting in the jury box.