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    Midwest Post Hor Thread

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    1 dog at vet, 1 dog in jail...and a trip to the ER

    As the Alpha in my pack, I'd kick him out and not think twice. That's what would happen in the wild. Find a rescue that will take him and say goodbye.
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    Midwest Post Hor Thread

    Morning from beautiful and sunny... Springfield IL! Down state is like a whole other country. Flip on the TV this morning and a kindergarten class is on reciting the Pledge, it's a daily event from what I've seen. That shit wouldn't fly in Cook County for sure.
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    Before and After

    Love it... Are you looking for one more set of Centerline wheels?
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    What in the hell is this ...

    It could be really cool... :D Guessing not a Ford based on the bespoked fenders
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    School me on Moab

    Mid March means be prepared for all seasons, it'll be 75 and sunny one day, blizzard the next. Red Rock country gets in your blood, you'll have ball.
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    Midwest Post Hor Thread

    Go to Tempe... You can take the light rail back and forth to the airport.
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    addicted to YouTube?

    I watch YT instead of TV.
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    5 Mystery Muscle Motors of the 1960s that Detroit Never Sold in a Car

    Being a big fan of the Rocket engines, I had heard about the W43, but pictures are very rare. Lots of lore around that engine. Most of it comes down to GM didn't want any of the divisions to outpace Chevy, specifically the 'Vette. Besides the fact the engine would have cost more than the...
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    Sledding hill

    Harry stock those Dutch...
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    Sledding hill

    Kinda quiet this morning...
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    Midwest Post Hor Thread

    This is what it looks like right now... http://www.lakevermilion.com/EagleEye/index.html
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    Midwest Post Hor Thread

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    So what you drive does matter

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    Sparkly morning...

    I sit in my office and drink coffee.