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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Oh Oracle, you keep talking about sides and how one side wants to eliminate the other. If you had a moral compass you could understand that the audit is about truth and rule of law. With a set of virtues and morals, the findings of an honest election audit cares not so much about what "side"...
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    Johnson Family vacation!

    I would guess that in the park it is flies only with barbless hooks
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    Joe Biden’s Son is a Drug Dealer

    It really fits his business model, "profits above all with no regard for life, virtues or morals". Free market , right?
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    A Message for Socialists in the US from a Socialist fleeing socialism

    He should love that, straight from John Kerry's in laws. 🤪 I believe Lucy liked to point out hand picked billionaire appointees, well here is one who hates America and had to marry in to money. Imbeciles, every one of them.
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    Johnson Family vacation!

    Snowmobiling next to those bison is quite a unique experience as well.
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    Michigan Please

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    Johnson Family vacation!

    Dave, if you are in west Yellowstone and looking for steak and potatoes, head north to High Country Tavern, formerly Einos Tavern. It is on Hebgen Lake straight north of town, 191 to 287 west. When it was Eino's, you would pick a steak out of the cooler and she would heat up cheese potatoes...
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    Cross country trip....

    Southwest. Just south of Grand Rapids. I've got shop space for RV parking or repairs and plenty of room at the casa
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    Cross country trip....

    You've got a spot to park in Michigan if the wind takes you here.
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    Cross country trip....

    How far north are you going in you travels?
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    Cross country trip....

    Beautiful area. I recommend Blue Ridge Parkway, there are several side loops that would be great for the Harley. Just a heads up, the roads through the mountains there may not have shoulders or wide lanes like you may be used to. Embrace the southern hospitality!
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    annoying threadcapper

    Taboma, I often don't agree with your opinions or point of view on certain things, but this post makes it clear that I appreciate your wisdom and insight.
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    Ahhhh, Florida.

    The MG is there as an auxiliary fuel tank for the evinrude.
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    Triump/DeSantis 2024

    A better analogy may be pulling charred human remains out of the embers and ashes. After all, a little smoke and some flames don't really confirm a house is on fire. No need to let the firefighters on scene as they are on the other side of the arsons and we can't move forward listening to the...