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    Bad Ass in LHC

    I would hate to make a u turn in that thing.
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    460 Ford exhaust manifolds

    Does anyone know where I could pick up stock style exhaust manifolds/risers for a 460 Ford? Seems to be a very limited source for those. Asking for a friend as I am a Chevy guy. He currently has OMC exhaust and wants nothing fancy. Thanks in advance.
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    Serious Question.. Videos - Style?

    I like both. I also like to hear engines running on the videos with music. Sometimes the music overwhelms the engines.
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    New cav plates in the works

    I like Up and out. Down might burn gel if too close.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Last time I went it was $117.54MXN/Galón.
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    Odd or Dumb Stuff You Collect.

    I have an uncut sheet of 32.
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    Odd or Dumb Stuff You Collect.

    Vinyl records, enamel pins and knives.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Is that Sun Valley? Looks like the place I go.
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    Boating Content.

    When I listen to Sirius that channel is on about 90% of the time. The little yacht sayings between songs are funny too.
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    Does anybody else watch Boneheaded Boaters of the week?

    Better subscribe if you haven’t cause he’ll come steal your drain plug! Haha. I watch them. Pretty funny and scary that these people are out there.
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    1st Annual RDP/BLM Long Beach Regatta?

    Far from the 1st. These guys always tearing up the 5mph zone. They call themselves the Water Kingz and they go everywhere. I have heard them called the Compton Navy.
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    Last ones
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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

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    Catalina “Outlaw” Race