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    Over transom headers

    Logs don’t cook and peel your skin when you touch them like water injected headers.
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    Need help identifying builder

    Here’s some old pictures I found from 2015.
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    Need help identifying builder

    I have been in that exact boat before. When it had a different paint job.
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    Earthquake?? So cal??

    Felt it in Carson. Would have missed it if I wasn’t standing still. It was a quick jolt for me.
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    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    GN Boats K Boats
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    Silverado SS

    Thanks. I am running 22x10 Raceline wheels with 305/40-22 tires. It’s about a 3/5 drop. I did DJM drop spindles and turned down torsion bars in front and shackles and hangers in the rear.
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    Silverado SS

    Thanks. If you can find one(discontinued), a Gemtop GT Classic are nice bed covers. They sit pretty flush to the bed. My truck is not stock. I have full 3” exhaust, cat delete, long tube headers, cold air intake, custom tune, 85 shot of nitrous, bed cover and lowered with wheels obviously. The...
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    Your crappiest car?

    2005 CTS-V. Was in the shop for at least a week every month that I had it. Went through 3 differentials that must have been made of glass. Just had a lot of other problems and the dealer finally took it back. That car was the worst and most fun at the same time.
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    Silverado SS

    Sweet truck. I still have an 06 SS that I bought new. These are great trucks. You have any plans to mod it?
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    Need help with the search feature

    This is probably the fastest way to find something on RDP. Have the inmates search for you.
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    Salton Sea story’s

    I drove all the way around it last year. Did not think it was that big. Would have been cool if it didn’t go to shit.
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    Cast iron cooking experts....

    Looks like one piece to me!
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    Lose something within a week of buying it?

    Finds lost item...let me check oneeee more spot.
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    2021 Catalina Polar Bear Run

    Here’s my dads boat that we ran today.
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    2021 Catalina Polar Bear Run

    Yeah LB to Avalon and back. One lap race. Stat is between Island Grissom and Island White, turn at Avalon and finish at the stern of the Queen Mary. Usually how it goes. Today was a fun run and not a race.