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    Dem vs Rep : Brains Work Differently

    Anyone see this Joe Rogan Episode. Crenshaw brings out the point where depending on whether your a Rep or Dem your brains work differently, which effects your outlook on life and risks you take. This would help influence how you view Covid or what type of career you choose.
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    Immigrants Coming to LB Convention Center

    What are these “ smugglers” doing just transporting people for money ? My Mexican co workers were clueless about the subject , yet they blame Biden.
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    Did the ceramic coating on our motorhome

    Unrelated question .... BUT how come there aren’t many RVs/trailers from the 90s/2000s in the used market. Besides the homeless having them , do they just get destroyed?
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    Immigrants Coming to LB Convention Center

    Family reunification center ???
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    George Floyd

    Fire chick was a Hottie !!!
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    To Be or Not to Buy: old truck vs debt.

    Those pics would have to be in a +21 over section.
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    To Be or Not to Buy: old truck vs debt.

    Wanted advice on the truck ☺️ Not the girlfriends and the wife.
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    To Be or Not to Buy: old truck vs debt.

    I got a 2008 Ford F-150, payed off , 210k miles, no real issues yet but the heater ain’t working. I mainly tow my spectra 18. Dad suggested I look into a new truck ( 2017-2019). BUT GOT DAMN $35k for a new one. Hate taking money outta my wife’s and girlfriends mouths to pay for a truck. Should...
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    Biden Cheat Sheets and Photos of Journalists

    This fool looks dead.
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    Pakistani lives matter?

    The POS carjackers were 13 and 15 year old girls. Shoot first. Ask questions later.
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    Any Bluewater Marina Opening Date Intel ?

    Any info ?
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    USED RV CAMPERS/Trailers

    So just curious what can you get that’s decent in this market $8,000-10,000 range. What’s the best places to get an idea or place to buy Used Trailers.
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    You guys love that stimulus $$$$$

    My coworkers are laughing about stimulus check memes. These are the same ones that are deathly scared of Covid. People love being roofied and f’d in this country. Assume since they’re all renters and use up government beni’s it doesn’t bother them.
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    Hey Sleepy is speaking 😂😂

    That fool started the speech by saying “ TO-LIGHT” it’s tonight fool.