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    And Buyer's Remorse Sets In

    Tell that dark fella to STFU !
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    More proof the vax is a scam

    It can go either way with a cold , flu, and Kung-flu. Everyone acts like the symptoms all need to be the same and last just as long. All the arguments are a waste of time. Take for example Mr Unvaccinated. - I got Covid. symptoms weren’t “ bad” because I “ wasn’t “ vaccinated. I got Covid...
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    This bitch is coming unglued.

    Coming from a guy that use to play “ anal ring toss” on his show.
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    Euro Chad!!!

    At 1:11 mark she opened up the dick pic I sent to her. Guess she’s more of a size queen. 🙇🏻
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    SoCal Gas : Whats the dildo!!!

    Gotta denounce my citizenship and change my name. Get on this free shit bandwagon. Got neighbors in a $3200 a month rental, cars always parked, brand new, no one ever goes to work. Wife's been home due to covid, shes like WTF!!!!???? They never leave.
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    SoCal Gas : Whats the dildo!!!

    Wow close to 100% price increase on gas bill. Seems were being squeezed out of the boating lifestyle in every which way.
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    Yep it’s my turn

    This Covid 3 is not that bad. The first one was the best and deadliest. Covid 2 was good, but this version is lite everyone crying bloody hell. But creepy how EVERYONES got it.
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    They Finally Addressed It

    We’re civilized jet boaters here 😊
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    Ted Cruz!!

    Nominate her for Hogging ..... anyone ?Bueller ? Bueller? Biden ?
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    They Finally Addressed It

    Sir if ur referring to sex with a very large person , don’t behave like a Neanderthal. It’s not Fatism. It’s HOGGING
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    Apparently masks and social distancing are a thing of the past

    Was coming home from work in the rain , some dumbass has his mask on jaywalking at the worst spot on Canyon Crest by the plaza ( but hey atleast his got his mask on. Wouldn’t want to be confused for a Trumpzi)
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    Pool/Spa Plumbing Parts WTF

    Maaaaaan my Hayward pool heater had no power. NYE plan to grill and chill In it went sour.
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    Red Light Ticket - Los Alamitos, CA

    Should I say “ I didn’t get the letter ?”
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    Red Light Ticket - Los Alamitos, CA

    Now I got bad Info. Was told to ignore it. Tell them “ I didn’t get the mail “ With all these riots my ass gets nicked
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    Red Light Ticket - Los Alamitos, CA

    How much u pay for ticket ninja ?