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    Spectra Shirts..

    Yes, email me @ brentloan@aol.com with size(s) & how many. Thank You! Brent
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    lenmann, Is the rudder box a one off piece (stainless)? Thank You! Brent
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    What is your phone # I have a friend that wants to sell his boat. Thank You! Brent

    What is your phone # I have a friend that wants to sell his boat. Thank You! Brent
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    Full Figure Fridays 2.0

    Looks great! Post up more pictures!!! Brent
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    Spectra 24’ fuel tank replacement

    Any updates on the tanks? I have my tanks out of my 24 and looking to get the new ones made. Thank you! Brent
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    Coles Jet Drive

    Tell him to save up and add four full length stringers, it would be the best $$$ he will spend. I did my 76 Spectra 20 jet in the early 90’s, it’s a totally different Hull with the full stringers. Spectra went on the cheap when they built their hulls with motor boxes. Good luck! Brent
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    Spectra 24XS

    Your Spectra looks great! Did you do the floors? Brent
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    Spectra 20 question

    Spectra 20 is 12 degree Brent
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    Looking for Boat shop to finish my Spectra

    Any recommendations for someone to finish my Spectra 24? I need the following done: Complete wire gauges, motor, everything Complete plumb (water, oil gas etc.) everything Cav plates remounted with up down motor False bottom, carpet Imco risers mounted to exhaust tips welding required...
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    Maha adjustable binding and foot hold

    I am interested, price.
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    Questions about a 21 Howard V drive

    All years of the Spectra v-drives have four stringers, the jets are the hulls that Spectra went to the motor Box (75-78), (79-81) back to the four stringers. Brent
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    1970 spectra 20 vdrive

    Good luck with your Warlock! Brent
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    1970 spectra 20 vdrive

    Did you buy this Spectra? Brent
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    1970 spectra 20 vdrive

    The hull number should be on the inside of the back of the hull. Yes, 71-74 were heavier and IMO, better made hulls. I have had 3 early Spectras (2 20’s)& (1 18) all 3 had foam core decks and the center bulk head like the v-drives. I currently have 2 1977 Spectra hulls 20 & XS 24 both drives...
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    Spectra 24XS

    Was this the Sanger that was up in the Seattle area? Brent