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    Dave, don’t track me

    Got a security warning myself when turning RDP on. Have to finish picking vehicles in the boxes to finish captcha BS
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    Supercars by the sea Huntington Beach now

    The extreme models prices went berserk. This is my friend's listed by August Motorcars locally. It has like 12K miles only. https://www.augustmotorcars.com/inventory/used-2017-dodge-viper-acr-extreme-rear-wheel-drive-coupe-1c3bdecz2hv500636
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    Nganga sighting....

    Is there a certain year better than others? There's a nice silver one for sale as low as 70K cdn locally. These guys are members at our track and have some nice cars on display and consignments as well. https://www.augustmotorcars.com/
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    Nganga sighting....

    My friend owns Radical West, pulling a stacker with Sport Chassis, and pulling a gooseneck trailer with F-450. I love the Sport Chassis best
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Grads probably sent him the link to check it out. 🤔 :p
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    Nganga sighting....

    You should have your Viper painted to match the boat. ;) BTW, what is the max tow capacity of the F450? buddy is thinking to get a Sport Chassie or F450 to tow our race car trailer
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    Newsom's Recall

    $80 million plus spent on Newsom's rescue ;) The effort to fight a recall of California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has raised roughly $83 million, a number that dwarfs the fundraising of the governor's most formidable GOP rival, radio host Larry Elder. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings led the...
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    Chevrolet Announces C8 Corvette ‘Boomer Package’ With No Engine Or Transmission

    Have two friends. one with the C-8 [ nice car ] other with a special ordered C-7 Callaway manual 757HP model. You'd have to see both in person to make an honest opinion. I'd take the Callaway all day long. ;) GM spokes person; “Look at the Porsche Carrera GT — one of the last supercars free...
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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    The trick to kick start most long stroke vintage bikes is, roll the bike backwards in gear to bring the piston up to past TDC. My 58 Matchless G80 has decompressor lever to roll piston past TDC, usually starts first kick. In 31 yrs owning it, first time it kicked back put my ankle out of use...
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    Seems like the DOJ prepping the nation for a Federal police taking over

    JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DOJ limits chokeholds, 'no knock' warrants by federal officers The changes apply to federal agents who work under the Department of Justice, or, in some cases, to local police departments who work with the DOJ through a joint task force...
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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    If you think that Honda was hard to start, try to kick start a BSA 441 Victor Special. ;)
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    Spectras only

    Had my 58 Matchless out for a ride with my buddies yesterday. Built this bike from a basket case 32 yrs ago. Never touched anything on it since and still running great. Time to get a Harley to fit in with these pussies with electric start and creature comfort for long drives though.
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    Spectras only

    ^^^ I like the older Lola cars, T 70's and on. What is the power plant in this T-594? Also, what price range is he looking for?
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    Spectras only

    I do like old school racecars. 👍
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    Spectras only

    ^^^ B&W is a Formula 1000, Carbon fiber one is a Radical SR3. We're ready for nexr week race at Area27. This one is a Van Diemen F-1600, in need of some repairs. We have a Crossle F-1600 as well.