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    Alec Baldwin

    To bad it wasnt self inflicted, Baldwin is a POS.
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    Colin Powell dies from Covid

    So, how many illnesses can kill you at 84? That's at least a decade longer than I'm gonna last. Let's make a headline out of this and scare more sheep about the virus, never let a opportunity to push the agenda go to waste.
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    Man who worships peas kills 5 with bow and arrows.

    MSM: Norway to ban high capacity quivers in wake of unprecedented bow and arrow attack.
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    Tesla is moving to Texas ?

    I feel bad for Texas, the damage liberals do far exceeds any tax revenue that factory will contribute. Texas is already being overrun with CA types invading changing what makes Texas great. Well at least they picked Austin it's already a leftest mess.
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    LA City Council approves indoor vaccine mandate

    LA gets what it deserves, they created this mess and when it continues to fail it's their fault.
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    WTB Liberator or DCB

    Because it's not one of Randy's boats. Plus I'd rather have one with a 300R .
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    We will find you and we will eliminate you…….

    I'd have my old lady bitch slap that clown if he came to my house. I'm not in the market for his stuff but arrogant bullshit like that isn't good for business regardless of your backorder status. I get it, he's a big name in that world, but don't try to play tuff guy dude, because you'll find...
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    (Sold) 2021 Nordic 26 Deckboat. Mercury Racing 600 SCI!!

    Man it doesn’t get much better than that. Such an awesome boat.
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    Cigarette Ain't Messin.....

    They're gonna bastardize that brand, that boat looks cool but everybody and their brother makes similar shit. Sure it might not be 130' but thats not what Cigarette is all about.
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    NHRA Topeka today- all Force

    Haven't watched since they went to 1000' but I'm glad to hear John is still kicking ass. I love that guy, nobody will ever match his accomplishments.
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    Stagecoach 2022 Announced

    Hope they go broke, fuck them and their virtue propaganda. Now the lines just to get in are going to take forever. And you can bet the service and convenience charges are going to sky rocket to cover costs of extra screening people and lost revenue.
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    Concert Tickets Lake Havasu 8/27-8/29

    Lake -Poop and Pee- Concert?!?!? I mean Brownies and Lemonade... Lame
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    What is your lowest?

    I like the guy who low balls you with "I have $20k CASH right now" on something substantially more. I love to reply, that's a great down payment contact me when you can get the rest.
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    Blue Water Marina is now open

    Freakin CRIT just as people are starting to panic about the boogie man again they reopen. Classic.