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    Rear Facing Speakers on a Pontoon

    something like this....
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    SP2LK advise

    WOW...thats the "Top 10 Best Car Speakers you can buy in 2017" according the them? :eek: No $6000 Rainbows or $4000 Focals?? lol
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    Speed of Sound goes to Al & Ed's...

    haha..David (the owner of fixmyspeaker.com) used to build the subs for my competition van.
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    Speed of Sound goes to Al & Ed's...

    Negative. :D
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    Speed of Sound goes to Al & Ed's...

    Its a trailer queen. It only plays for 2.4 seconds at a time. ;)
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    Speed of Sound goes to Al & Ed's...

    And blows shit up... o_O They had a car stereo competition at their Ontario location over the weekend. I got 1st place and highest overall score at the show but it wasn't pretty, lol. Here's what 48,000 watts looks like on a $7000 pair of subs.
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    Sony Xplod Question

    If your existing Sony remotes have a display, they will not work with a new Sony Bluetooth head unit. If your current remotes do not have display, they will work. BUT.. The new Sony Bluetooth head units are horrible. Your best bet would be to replace the head unit and remotes with Rockford...
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    Sound Quality?

    And thats still only about 25% of the information you receive from a cd. Buying the actual cd and then ripping it to iTunes in AIFF (1411kbps) format is the best (without a bunch of external processors and software). Apple Lossless is also good. My customers are always amazed at the...
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    Speed of Sound wins 10th World Championship

    That was the new sub box I built and used for Finals this year.
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    Speed of Sound wins 10th World Championship

    For those that don't follow me on Instagram, I just got back from a 3 week, 4300 mile trip to Texas and Kentucky for car audio World Finals in 2 different organizations. Dominated both. :D
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    Truck battery/charging system question

    You need to check the voltage at the battery with a hand held digital multimeter (Fluke) while its running and then again after its been off for awhile. Doors closed, all lights, etc off.
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    Dry cell battery

    Prestige Marine has a big assortment of Odyssey batteries which is very similar to Stinger, but better.
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    Not boat related, but...

    Since you don't want to "go crazy $$$$", I would recommend a SounDigital 1200.1D or a Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D :)
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    Not boat related, but...

    You definitely want a class D mono sub amp but I need more info to make a specific model recommendation. Need the exact model of your subs including ohms. You may have to pull a sub to read it.